My Testimony

Since I’ve been at this blogging thing for a little while now, I wanted to take a moment to re-introduce myself and share my story again.  I’ve had this on my heart to share for a couple of weeks and so I’m sharing this because I want to be radically obedient more than I want to keep being afraid and comfortable (funny how those two things go together, huh?) I’ll also link this in the My Story page, to make it easily accessible for the future.  Be warned–this will be a longer post and a very, very raw post.

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You Can Be Honest and Not Truthful: Lessons I Learned from Being a Teenager

I had started this series on my blog a little while back, of different things I learned during my teenage years.  I had several ideas to write on, but after writing that first post, none of them really seemed to resonate anymore.  At least, they didn’t have a sort of “spark” behind them that made me go “I have to write that” like most blog post ideas have.  But in this past week, this theme came up in my spirit and I’ve been mulling over how to write it out, and it just seemed to fit in this series.

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