Reverse Your Worry

Tuesday again!

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Scaling Stone Mountain

Are these alliterated adventure titles a little cheesy? (Last week’s was Adventuring to Amicalola.)  I’m not sure yet; I guess we’ll see how long I can keep it up.  Anyway, this week, my friends and I hiked another one of Georgia’s seven natural wonders, Stone Mountain.

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Adventuring to Amicalola

Welcome back to another week on the blog, everyone! Today I’m sharing pictures from my hike on Tuesday to Amicalola Falls (the reason that my sermon notes posted Friday instead of Tuesday).

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Little Bird

Yesterday as I was riding in the car, I noticed a little brown wren on the street in front of me.  It was running along just as quickly as its little legs would carry it, and while all the running did eventually get the bird to its desired destination, I couldn’t help but wonder why it didn’t just fly there instead. Continue reading “Little Bird”

Guest Post: Waves

Today’s post is a guest post by a personal friend of mine.  She has been writing things God shows her also, and when she shared them with me I asked if I could share them with all of you! Continue reading “Guest Post: Waves”