Who Are We?

I came across this Psalm in the Passion Translation Tuesday night, and I really liked how it was worded so I wanted to share it with you all (along with some more musings).

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Guest Post: Hope from Hope for the Animals

I am SUPER excited about today’s guest blogger! She holds a special place in my heart, as she is my youngest sister.  She is mature beyond her years and I love seeing her grow and serving God alongside her.  Recently, God downloaded a word into her about her identity, and it is so powerful! She let me post it today because she believes that this word is not just for her; it’s for all Christians.  This is who God says we are! After you’re done reading, please be sure to check out her blog, which is all about making sure pets are receiving proper care.  She does lots of research to post every week, and is passionate in her love for animals.

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My Extraordinary

The other day, I spent a lot of time comparing myself to another person’s accomplishments, and was really struck by how extraordinary they were and how less-than-ordinary that made me feel. 

But God reminded me that if He calls me to where I am, then my purpose is extraordinary where I am, even if it seems ordinary. To try and compare to or live out someone else’s purpose, even if I did it well, would never be my extraordinary. My extraordinary is where God says it is. If God promises me something, it’s done. It’s on it’s way. Am I going to give up on it or forget it because I don’t see it or feel it in the moment? Continue reading “My Extraordinary”