Reverse Your Worry

Tuesday again!

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Little Bird

Yesterday as I was riding in the car, I noticed a little brown wren on the street in front of me.  It was running along just as quickly as its little legs would carry it, and while all the running did eventually get the bird to its desired destination, I couldn’t help but wonder why it didn’t just fly there instead. Continue reading “Little Bird”

My 300th Post & Another Blog You May Like

Today I wanted to celebrate my 300th post by taking some time out to promote my sister’s blog, Hope for the Animals.  She is passionate about animals and about helping other animal lovers, especially kids and teens, take good care of their pets.  She posts about habitat design ideas, tips on taking care of various animals, and other creative, pet-related posts.  Go check out her blog by clicking here, and share it with all your animal-loving friends!