HUGE Announcement + Mini Devotion

Later today I will be changing my blog address from to! If I understand the fine print correctly, that will mean no ads for you and a blog address that makes more sense for what this website is. EDIT: I am in the process of changing things over, and it seems to have lost my current theme.  I’m not going to be able to make a lot of changes to fix that over the next several days to my schedule, so please bear with me as things change up around here! Oh, and it looks like it will say .com instead of .blog, but we’ll see.

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April Update

April Update

Well, folks, happy Monday, happy Tax Day, happy we-are-officially-halfway-through-April day.  I’m *finally* back with the update that I promised last week.  Let me just go ahead and give a disclaimer: THIS IS RAW.  This is adapted from an e-mail that I wrote some close friends and a mentor of mine earlier this morning.  I’m sharing it with you because I’m just as committed to being real and honest and raw with you as I am with them.

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