Looking Forward to Normal

Worship this week included “Chain Reaction”, “Raise a Hallelujah“, “See a Victory“, scripture reading, and “Rattle!“.

Pastor Steven was back at it this week with a spot-on word! My notes are below.

  • Some of the stuff you’re praying for right now is the same stuff you were praying away a few months ago.
  • Why would we serve a God who is known for his resurrection power and continual growth and expect to go back to what we used to do?
  • Exodus 14:10-13
  • In these verses, Pharaoh represents fear.
  • Has “never enough” become our normal?
  • When you are afraid you reach for what’s familiar, even if familiar is killing you.
  • Sometimes negative feels normal.
  • God is doing some of the stuff that we’d asked Him to do, but we don’t know it because we’re asking for it to get back to normal.
  • It can be normal for me to have a heart that is at peace.
  • When you’re from somewhere else, it changes what you see as normal. Jesus was from somewhere else, and had peace in the storm.
  • What if God is trying to bring you into a new normal? i.e. better priorities, the way we treat each other
  • What is God calling you to give up to get there?
  • Romans 12:1-2
  • We call “negative” “normal” just because that’s all we know.
  • We get used to things we used to be grateful for and feel entitled to them.
  • Your new normal is that you’re forgiven and not condemned, that you are a child of the Most High God.
  • Normal is broken.
  • What used to be weird is now the only thing that works.
  • What was weird then is worship now.
  • The world is weird. Faith is normal.
  • The unseen is the most significant.
  • God cannot bring change while we hold to comfort.
  • God is not trying to bring you back to normal; He’s trying to bring you into it.
  • What the world calls normal, God calls broken. Not just immune systems, but belief systems.
  • Jesus was the only one on the boat who was normal–all the disciples freaking out in fear were weird.
  • You can keep waiting, or you can worship. You can resist, or you can receive.
  • Blaming someone doesn’t get you into what God wants you to receive.
  • You’re never going back to normal. Some of the stuff you thought was normal wasn’t normal, it was old.
  • We’ve been praying for familiar but what we really want is freedom.

This was a phenomenal message that I highly recommend you listen to. My family tuned into the 9:30am EST service and pretty much immediately when it was over tuned into the 11:30am EST service to listen to it again.

You can watch it here:

I’d also like to give a shout-out and a thank-you to my little sister, who took the first third or so of notes for me when I had an interruption!

Much love,

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