I’m Still Scared

Welcome back to another week of church at home! I hope you and your loved ones are safe and sane during this time of quarantine!

Worship began this week with Jon Sal reading us Psalm 30:2-4 in the Message Translation.

“God, my God, I yelled for help and you put me together. God, you pulled me out of the grave, gave me another chance at life when I was down-and-out. All you saints! Sing your hearts out to God! Thank Him to His face!”

We sang “God So Loved“, which continued into the doxology. After that, “Graves into Gardens“, “Never Lost“, and “Waymaker“.

Pastor Steven got up to preach another message that left me with a bajillion notes! (the best kind)

  • The world can’t take away what it didn’t give. I’ve still got joy.
  • God can do the most when you see the least.
  • 2 Kings 6:15-17
  • Open my eyes that I may see.
  • Sometimes what I don’t do is even more important than what I do in a season of uncertainty.
  • To have flesh means to feel fear.
  • First, we have to decide what we won’t do.
  • I won’t lash out to the people closest to me because of the fear that I feel outside of me.
  • I won’t make up stories in my mind.
  • What I won’t do is spend time in the hypothetical; I’ll spend time in the hiding place.
  • I won’t be afraid.
  • I won’t compare what someone else is going through with what I’m going through.
  • I’m not going to try to be God.
  • What I won’t do in this situation is just as important as what I will do.
  • I may feel fear, but I won’t live in it.
  • I’m still scared, but it doesn’t have to stop me.
  • I won’t stop worshipping. I won’t stop praising.
  • My peace was purchased with the blood of Christ; it’s too expensive for me to give away.
  • I might be scared but I’m still gonna stand on the word of the Lord.
  • Sometimes what we can’t see is more important than what we can see.
  • What we’re fighting that we can see must first be approached at the level that we can’t see.
  • Sometimes faith changes the situation; sometimes faith changes the way you see the situation.
  • We get to prove that what God showed us in the light is present in the darkness.
  • The only limitation to what God could provide [to the woman in 2 Kings] was her capacity to receive it.
  • You can’t be strategic when you’re scared.
  • The servant was asking “what do I do?” and God’s answer was “what do you see?”.
  • If the enemy can keep you from seeing the advantage and opportunities, something very small can block out Something much bigger.
  • 1 Kings 19:2
  • There are certain things that the devil can’t do to you, but he can get you to believe that he can do them, and be afraid of them.
  • Since Jezebel couldn’t kill him, all she could do was convince him [that she could kill/hurt him].
  • God’s call is bigger than any crisis.
  • Why would I let something small block out something big?
  • There is something bigger on the other side of this.
  • There’s a fine line between aware and afraid.
  • A lot of us get into a state of fear because it feels more familiar to us than a state of faith.
  • Miracle math: There’s more with us than with them.
  • When Elisha prayed, help did not come. Help was already there. The Lord only had to show him what was already there.
  • We need to pray for perspective. What is invisible is more valuable than what is visible.
  • God did not answer Elisha’s prayer by eliminating the enemy, but by illuminating His presence.
  • The only way to stop being afraid is to change what we’re focusing on.
  • The math goes like this: us + God > anything I might face.
  • We’ve got more reasons to trust God than reasons to doubt Him.
  • We’ve got more victories behind us than things to fear in front of us.
  • You might be scared, but that doesn’t stop the presence of the Lord.
  • God is doing the most when we feel it the least.
  • You’re not alone.
  • God is with you.

If you want to watch the message that all these notes came from, you can find it here:

Much love,

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