Even More Travel Tips

I’ve been doing some more traveling over the holidays, and thought I’d share more travel tips I’ve learned from experience.  You can also read my previous posts on traveling tips here and here!


  1. Book through AirBnb!

I have a large family (6 people), so hotels can get pricey for all of us.  We found AirBnb through a travel YouTuber I follow and really enjoyed our experience! I love the personal-ness of it and the personality of the different places to stay.  We stayed at this AirBnB cabin over Thanksgiving break (you can watch my sister’s vlog about it here), which was beautiful and fit so many people!

If you end up deciding to stay at an AirBnb on your next trip, you can use my referral link to save on the rental fare!


2.  Try to only pack as much as you can carry with you.

This rule of mine stems from traveling with a large family in a mini-van. 🙂 We are each in charge of packing and carrying our own items, so I like to limit myself to what I can carry to or from the car in one trip.  This can look like a backpack, a carry-on suitcase, a purse, a pillow, and a blanket, depending on the trip.  On my trip to Peru, I fit all of my items in my backpack and carry-on suitcase, but took another suitcase full of presents for the people who were hosting me, and then filled it with souvenirs on the way home.  Either way, this allows you to keep all of your personal belongs on you and helps prevent things getting lost or stolen.

3. Don’t put a boiled egg in a packed suitcase.

I like to bring snacks with me when I travel, because I usually travel with my younger sister who tends to get hungry and ask me for things she forgot to pack *although she is very responsible*.  This time, though, was all on me.  I really love eggs–scrambled, fried, in omelet form, boiled, as French toast–and often eat a boiled egg for breakfast/snack (I’m not much of a cook but I’m learning).  Ergo, I boiled a few ahead of time in preparation for a trip I would be taking, and put the boiled egg in my suitcase…which was stuffed full…and this was the result (thankfully I’d put it in a Ziploc bag so it didn’t get on anything):


4. Take advantage of laundry facilities where you’re going.

This helps you not have to pack as much clothing on your trip.  Most of the AirBnBs that I’ve stayed in have had washer and dryers, so that’s another plus that hotels don’t generally have (at least for free).

5. Reconsider how many pairs of shoes you’re bringing.

This is something that I don’t usually think about, because I’m a very practical person, so I usually just have the pair of tennis shoes I’m wearing the day I’m traveling.  I find it important to wear comfortable shoes to reduce foot and back pain, in every day life and while traveling, and those shoes tend to be versatile for whatever I’m doing where I’m going.  Just a thought! Some friends I travel with bring like five pairs of shoes and I just don’t always see the necessity for that.


Hopefully these tips are helpful to you and/or made you smile! I’d love to hear what your favorite place you’ve traveled to has been, or where you’re going for the holidays! I’m always open to more ideas of places to travel.

If you want to read about some of the places I’ve traveled, you can check out these articles:


New Orleans

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Much love,


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