The Lazarus Factor

Welcome back again everyone from all over the world! I love seeing how many people are enjoying these sermon notes.  I started uploading them almost a year and a half ago to keep me accountable to take notes and attend church in the midst of “adulting”, and I’ve just continued to watch more and more messages throughout the week from different churches.  I love getting fed from more places and having a broader view of the body of Christ, in addition to my local church that I serve in and attend weekly.  I hope these notes also encourage you to pursue Christ and learn how to strengthen yourself in the Lord! Thanks for the community that has been built from obedience to pursue Him!

Worship began this week with Elevation Worship’s “Won’t Stop Now” and “My Testimony”, along with an old favorite of mine, “Here as in Heaven“, ending with “Never Lost“.

Pastor Steven preached this week, a word that I know just from the title is going to add to the repeat that God has already been speaking in my life.  My notes read:


  • John 11:1-44
  • God loves to be trusted.  We often equate love with comfort, while God equates love with trust.
  • God’s job is the outcome, your job is the process.  The longer you think you can control the outcomes in your life, the longer you’ll be frustrated in your way of faith.
  • Faith is not a means of manipulation, it’s a patience with mystery.
  • The love of God isn’t always proven by how much I perceive His presence but how I handle His absence.
  • How you process the goodness of God in the things you grieve determines whether you let faith lead you or fear and disappointment paralyze you.
  • If God does not come when you want Him to come and does not do what you want Him to do, you have to determine whether or not you believe He still loves you.
  • Sometimes God’s love is not proven by what He does but by what He chooses not to do.
  • Have you confused God’s love with His conformity to your agenda?
  • Even though He didn’t do ________________, He is I AM.
  • Jesus is with us in the pain of disappointment as well.
  • Jesus likes to come close to what other people push away.
  • How powerful that before Jesus spoke the word (to raise Lazarus and show His power), He wept.  Before He showed His authority, He showed His empathy.
  • God’s presence is always calling something forth.
  • It was the situation that gave the opportunity for revelation.


This was one of the best messages I’ve heard in a while.  There were several things that just couldn’t be captured in notes because they had to be heard in context, so I highly recommend that you watch the full message here:


Much love,


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