What to Do in a Valley

Welcome back to the blog! I hope that this becomes more than just a place to check in and read over some notes–I want it to be a community, a place to laugh and learn together.  A place where people from all over the world can enjoy the content here. 🙂

We began worship with singing Elevation Worship’s “Gone“, followed by Hillsong Worship’s “Who You Say I Am“, and Elevation’s classic, “O Come to the Altar“.  Then Chris introduced a new song called “Graves Into Gardens”–which, may I just say, CHILLS…

Pastor Jabin Chavez of City Light Church was in the house today sharing the word of God; my notes read as follows:


  • Ezekiel 37:1- 10 MSG
  • There’s no fruit on the mountaintop; there’s only fruit in the valley.
  • God wants to do something great through me so He must first do something very deep in me.
  • God is with you in the valley.
  • I’ll take a valley with Jesus over a mountaintop without Him.
  • When I cannot trace His hand I can trust His heart.
  • While you’re waiting on life to get better, you can get better.  While you’re waiting on things to turn around in your life, they can turn around in your heart.
  • God doesn’t ask us questions because He doesn’t know the answer, He asks us because He wants us reveal something to us.
  • You don’t get great faith until you give God the faith you do have.
  • Our flesh wants comfort but our spirit is begging for adventure.  Your flesh will always stay in your comfort zone and God will never do anything great from your comfort zone.
  • Faith is not always factual but it is always true.
  • God’s not going to give you a life where He’s unnecessary.
  • You have to learn how to obey God scared.
  • Prophesy to your situation: Get a word from the Word and say it and say it and say it until you believe it and then say it and say it and say it until you see it.
  • When you speak God’s word, things begin to happen.


You can watch the message here:

Much love,


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