Trapped in Transition

Another weekend, another notes post from church.  Thank you all for the support I’ve gotten on these posts! Let me know in the comments below if there’s any other posts you’d like to see!

 We began worship by singing Elevation Worship’s own songs “Gone” and “My Testimony”.  After a motivational monologue, we went into singing “You Say” by Lauren Daigle before going into “Love Won’t Give Up“.

Pastor Furtick was preaching up a storm this week; my notes are as follows:


  • Acts 3:11-16
  • It is difficult to sit still in transition when you are threatened by opposition from the outside.
  • You are so vulnerable on your way out of transition.
  • Where there is transition there is distraction, and where there is distraction, there is opportunity for someone who means harm to capitalize on the lack of focus and create instability.
  • Acts 3:1-8
  • God is most active in moments which I perceive to be unstable or transitional.
  • I can believe God in the middle of transition.
  • The miracle is in the transition.
  • Every time God is moving you forward in your life, there will be a period of transitional instability.
  • The first miracle recorded in the book of Acts was waiting in something that everyone else was stepping over to get to something more important.
  • Some of the greatest things God will do in your life are not planned out on your calendar.
  • Sometimes Jesus doesn’t meet your expectation because He wants to exceed it.
  • If you will wait in position, you can receive His power.
  • Change and transition are two different things.
  • Change is external, something that happens to you, a situation that is imposed by outside circumstances.  Transition is an internal, psychological event.
  • Some of us are frustrated by change because we are unwilling to endure the process of transition.
  • Transition is where transformation happens.
  • Just because you have the strength to stand doesn’t mean you have the understanding to walk.
  • It doesn’t always make sense when you’re in transition.
  • You can feel trapped in transition.
  • Transition takes time; change happens suddenly.  To be trapped in transition is to be waiting for your mind to catch up with the transformation that is already happening in your life.
  • Hebrews 5:11-14
  • Change is a gift; transition is a skill–it requires use and practice.
  • The only way to know the difference between God’s will for your life and your will for your life is to go to the place where you learn what you want versus what God wants for where you are.  The greatest test is in transition.
  • If you are being tested, you are in transition.  God is growing you up! He’s teaching you to stand so you will be able to walk!
  • It matters what you cling to in these moments of transition–even if it’s something new and uncomfortable.
  • You cannot take hold of what’s new when you have a death grip on what’s old.  Including your excuses.  They must be left behind at the spot of your transformation because you’re in transition now.
  • You cannot go into new situations holding onto old habits.
  • What you cling to will determine if you go forward or stay where you are.
  • God wants to use you.
  • By holding onto the old, you forfeit the future.
  • What do you need to let go of and what do you need to take hold of?


You can watch the sermon here:

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