Wind vs. Word

Welcome back! This week’s message was a word that has been on repeat for me.  I took a lot of notes but there’s still several things he said in context that would just make more sense if you watched it for yourself.  However, my notes are below so you can go ahead and get the general idea of it.

We began worship by singing “Raise a Hallelujah” by Bethel Music, followed by Elevation Worship’s own “Love Won’t Give Up“, “It Is So“, and “See a Victory“.

Pastor Steven was back in the house this week to bring this spot-on word.  My notes read:


  • Ecclesiastes 11:4
  • Our human minds often work in opposition to our spirits.  When your spirit makes a decision to do something, your mind will find a reason not to do it now.
  • Your heart can supply a verdict and your mind can supply evidence for it that isn’t really true.
  • Don’t let someone’s clout override their character.
  • You don’t have to “feel like it” to fulfill a commitment.
  • If you are always checking with how you feel, you will always find a reason to contradict your responsibilities.
  • There will always be a reason you don’t feel like forgiving people, but you will have to forgive anyway to get freedom.
  • Sometimes commitment means facing resistance with resolve in your heart.
  • Sometimes imaginary scenarios keep you from an actual opportunity.
  • The real test is faith is whether or not you trust God’s timing.  It’s not always whether or not you trust what God is able to do, sometimes is “are you able to trust when God will do it”.
  • You can trust somebody’s intention without always trusting their timing.
  • Consult your faith instead of your forecast; the weather is meant to be checked, not watched.
  • Matthew 14:22-31
  • Which is going to win: the calling God put on your life or the circumstances that contradict it?
  • Just because the storm is raging doesn’t mean God has left the scene; just because He doesn’t stop it doesn’t mean He doesn’t see it.
  • Sometimes when you first see God, your response is fear because you’re not sure if it’s really Him.
  • Sometimes the moment He’s closest is the same moment when the wind is blowing the strongest.
  • Jesus didn’t stop the wind; He gave the word.
  • Focus your faith on the word of God that you’re walking towards.
  • The wind doesn’t have to stop for you to keep walking towards Jesus.
  • If your life is built on the foundation of His word, there is no wind that can rage against you that can shake it off.
  • Your situation is wind vs word right now and whichever one you focus on will win.
  • Your faith will always slip when you start consulting your feelings.
  • We’re meant to be word-walkers not wind-watchers.


We finished with singing “It Is So“.

You can watch the message here:


Much love,


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