Trust Me, I’m Trying!

These sermon titles are starting to make for some kinda click-bait-y looking blog posts, but hey, the title does go with this theme of my life right now.  Blogging excessively, then once a week, then sometimes not at all, and repeat.  Thanks for sticking around. 🙂

Chris started us out by reading out of Psalm 95, before we began singing “Grateful“, “Love Won’t Give Up”, “”Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus”, “Authority” by Elevation Worship,



My notes from what Pastor Steven Furtick preached on this week are as follows:

  • John 5:7
  • It can be frustrating when you’re giving your best effort but it still doesn’t seem to be enough.
  • John 5:1-7
  • Sometimes you can fix the symptom but don’t address the system that created the symptom–the root of it.
  • Jesus doesn’t taunt us into transformation.
  • Before Jesus could help the man walk, He had to help Him want.  He had to restore the man’s hope that walking again could be possible.
  • Sickness is cyclical, and with each cycle, hope usually wanes.
  • If sickness becomes normal to you, it becomes easier to accept that condition than to challenge it, because to challenge it means to risk disappointment.
  • John 5:8
  • Before Jesus could help the man walk, He had to heal His will.
  • There’s some stuff that’s in your story that God didn’t speak and it doesn’t belong there.
  • To take on shame and things Jesus paid for is to snatch them back off of the cross and try to pay for it yourself.
  • Now that grace is here, there are things that aren’t true about us anymore.
  • Grace must become the dominant reality in your life.
  • Religion tries to say that healing was the man’s reward for obedience, instead of from Jesus’ heart to heal His people.
  • The whole reason Jesus showed up for one person was to overturn an entire system.
  • Sometimes my “trying” gets in the way of my trusting.
  • You keep thinking you will be healed if you get up, but you can’t on your own.
  • Jesus wants to help you want Him.
  • You will not receive certain things in your life by trying, only by trusting.
  • This is not a time to try harder but to trust more.


You can watch the full sermon here:


Much love,


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2 thoughts on “Trust Me, I’m Trying!

  1. Thank you dear sister in Christ Jesus. It further blesses me to see tour notes. I’ve been following Pastor Furtick since some time, and though from Pakistan, I am so blessed by His teaching and growing in my walk with Jesus and yes sharing with many. Shalom

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