Expiration Date

Okay so I’m sorry this post wasn’t posted this morning…but…I was traveling again 😂.

The worship experience started with a really cool dance intro to celebrate 10 years of LOVE week, followed by “Echo“.  After an announcement about LOVE week, we sang “Love Won’t Give Up” and “Authority”, two unreleased songs from Elevation Worship, ending with “Hallelujah Here Below“.


Pastor Steven was in the house this week; my notes read:

  • John 6:48-50
  • God is provider and provision–we can trust His heart even if we don’t see what we want in His hand.
  • He gives us enough light for the step we’re on; it’s a progressive revelation.
  • Exodus 16:1-20
  • What keeps you from trusting God in the present is your attachment to the past, when you choose familiarity over freedom.
  • It is your proximity to the presence of Christ that becomes your provision for the challenges you face.
  • You don’t have to be enough, you just have to get close enough to the One who is more than enough.
  • You cannot fight tomorrow’s battles with today’s strength; you are wasting today’s strength with tomorrow’s battles.
  • Sometimes you don’t know how to receive what God is giving you because you haven’t seen it before.
  • If He’s enough and I’m enough then it’s enough.
  • Faith is to deal with today and trust for tomorrow.
  • Everything is designed to show you not only who God is, but who you are in Him.
  • God doesn’t just have what you need; He is what you need.

You can watch the message yourself here:


Much love,


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