More Spontaneous Travel Tips

I’ve previous made a list of things that I do that help me to be able to pick up and travel spontaneously, but since I recently decided to join my pastor on his trip to Peru in less than thirty days from “yes” to landing in Lima, I thought I’d posted an additional list.

1. Always have your passport ready and in-date.

This was obviously a must, as I would not have had time to apply for and receive a passport as quickly as I would have needed.  I actually got my passport in 2015, and I didn’t even go on a trip requiring it until I drove to Canada last year.  So, even if you don’t have immediate plans to travel, it’s always useful to have it (many college tests I took required two forms of government ID and it came in handy there).  When you really need it, you won’t have to stress and wait for it.  Just make sure it’s valid for at least six months past the time you plan to travel.

2. Always have your bags packed.

I keep a suitcase/duffel bag packed in the top of my closet with athletic clothes that are good for a variety of weather.  The clothes aren’t my absolute favorite pieces, so I don’t miss them, but they fit well and are used often as I travel.  I also keep a toiletry bag with travel-sized items packed, which helps me to never forget toothpaste! 🙂 Whenever I get home from a trip, I take a moment to refill whatever got used up, and then it’s all ready to go again.

3, Save your money.

I’m not a huge spender–whenever I spend money it’s usually on something that is a good deal that I’ve been watching and thinking about for a while, and/or a necessity that ran out.  Keeping as much of your money saved and limiting those impulse purchases helps to you have some money put away whenever you feel like taking off.

4. Follow blogs/sites that help you save money.

One of my favorites is Hip2Save; they post all sorts of deals, not limited to travel, and will often alert me if a budget airline or railway is having a sale, which helps make for cheaper travel (as well as help you save money while at home so you have more to travel with)!

5. Bring snacks with you.

I scoured the clearance section of my local grocery store and bought about three boxes of marked down granola bars to take with me on my last trip, which helped me from having to spend a lot of money at the airport when I got hungry! This also goes for bringing your own reusable water bottle; most airports will make sure it’s empty when you go through security, but you can fill it up at a water fountain later and not have to purchase a drink.

6. Invest in comfortable, non-wrinkle-y clothing.

Having comfortable clothing was so imperative for when I spent 16 hours flying and 8-10 hours on boat rides and hours on buses.  Clothing that didn’t show stains or wrinkles, compressed my legs and feet so they didn’t get swollen on the flight, and looked presentable after wearing them for two and three days was awesome.  Specifically, I wore these yoga pants/leggings for my travel days.

7. It’s very helpful to have hard-side luggage instead of cloth for when the airport people unloading your bags spill their lunch on your luggage.

hey, it makes it easier to wipe off.  the smell doesn’t wipe off though (spoiler).


Thanks so much for reading my tips–I hope you find them helpful, and if you have any tips of your own that I have not mentioned, please put them in the comments below! I love learning and traveling!

Much love,


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