June Update

Wow, how is it June already? Today’s post is just me gushing about what God’s been saying and doing in the past week.  It’s a rough draft straight out of my spirit and mind and so it’s full to brimming of adoration and personality.  I hope it speaks to you; I hope it gives you the desire to hear what He speaks to you.

He really is Who He says He is. He really is I AM. He really is so beautiful.So, so beautiful. He is so glorious. He is so so good. I’m not even kidding. I’m not even writing pretty words here. Y’all. THIS IS REALER THAN REAL IS REAL. I just want to soak in the weight of it. I used to be afraid that I couldn’t really soak in His presence for hours every day because, you know, I had stuff to do. Ha. Y’all. Soak in His presence. It’s the best thing ever. Ya sick? Soak in His presence. Boom. No worries about not having time to go to the doc today because you’re having a quiet time because He’ll heal you in His presence. Ya tired? Boom. Don’t worry about not having enough time for a nap if you spend your time worshipping, because He’ll refresh you. Wanna go on a date? No problem. He’s a lover and beautiful enough to satisfy that desire in your heart. He really is. Need to go out and find a job to make it in the “real world” (less real than the real spirit world LOL ah the irony)? No problem. Spend your time with Him instead and He’ll FREAKING BRING PEOPLE TO KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR TO ASK IF YOU WANT A JOB WITH THEM. Wanna travel? He’s got that too. He’ll bring peopleto youthat ask if you want to go across the country with them, and if that’s too boring for ya, around the world. Or both. No biggie. You don’t have to worry about “making up for the time you spend with God”. Woah, guys. Ah, guys. Wow, guys. He’ll blow your mind and expectations and hopes and dreams and desires of your heart out of the water.
So you know the theme of rest I’ve been talking about since April? Yep, got another picture of it. The more I’ve been trying to focus on resting with God, the more opportunities He’s dumped in my lap. Guess it’s easier to do that when I’m sitting still, huh. Anyway. So I for some reason have been the family pass-your-old-pillows-to-them designated person, and I have like seven pillows on my twin sized bed. And the more “comforts” that have been added, the harder it’s been to sleep at night. I thought it would be more comfortable, you know? Make a floofy palace bed a la Princess Diaries. Nope. The more things that comfort me that I’ve had around me, the less room I’ve had to rest.
I’ll just, uh, do you a favor and let that one sink in.
The more things I’ve had around me to comfort me, the less room I’ve had to rest.
Kinda hard to let go and rest in God when you fill your life too much with comforts to find your comfort in Him. Same kind of idea if I had a human lover I was trying to fit onto a twin-sized bed with seven pillows and my not-small 5ft. 8.5in frame. Not gonna happen—no room for intimacy with another because my space is too full with “comforts”. Ah huh. Yeah. I feel ya. Kinda of a beautifully painful truth to hear [read].
And I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t know you needed room to rest. Empty room. I have room but I fill it and them wonder why I can’t rest. Ah, darling, it’s because it’s supposed to stay an open space  so His fullness can fit. How are you supposed to fit extravagance in a cluttered space? He’s not fragmented. He doesn’t come to us in pieces; He is whole and He loves us with His whole heart. And we need room for this! How awesome is this place!
There is nothing, absolutely nothing, to fear in being intimate with the Lord.
He keeps His word, and wow, has He made some good promises!
This week I’ve been reminded just how powerful our words are too, in declaring His Truth back over our lives. Michael Miller at Upper Room spoke on the power of words and I’ve been doing their declarations with them just about every day this week.
Be faithful in the normal, small obedience this week. Prepare to be blown away. God speaksa lotwhen He knows you’re listening!! He is so beautiful to behold up close. Don’t take my word for it. See and seek Him. Each morning—His morning breath is the most wonderful fragrance.
I promise you it is and will be the safest, most wildrecklessbeautiful thing you’ve ever done. He is not a tame God but He is good and He is wild and He is safe  and He, He has created us in His image.
There’s a guy at my church that I really look up to and he’s always challenging me to say, “Here I am Lord, send me.” and to buckle my seatbelt! I pass this challenge forward to you all as well.  Here we are, Lord.  Send us.
Much love,

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I'm a writer who publishes my thoughts on the life I'm living, literature I'm reading, and God I'm serving. Psalm 27:4 One thing I ask from the Lord, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple.

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