Another Perspective on Worship

As breakthrough approaches, the theme for me this past week has been to change my perspective on worship.  Lately, I’ve been loving worship to remind myself of God’s promises.  To remind myself of what He says about me.  But I realized on my Sabbath this past week how “me” centered that all is! Worshipping to make myself feel better.  Worshipping to remind myself of what I’M getting.  Of what God is doing FOR me.

I was live-streaming Upper Room on Thursday (because they’re so great that they live stream like every day just praying and worshipping and it’s great) and they were just hosting this incredible atmosphere of gratefulness and awe and wonder of God.  There wasn’t a selfish motive.  They were singing about how beautiful God is.  They were ministering to Him.  Encouraging His heart.  And it reminded me of when I was watching the live-stream of another conference earlier this year and they were speaking into Steffany Gretzinger, saying that she was a minister to God’s heart.  As much as my heart becomes discouraged and weary and tired and needs to be ministered to, how much more does God’s heart? How weary must He be from watching and waiting for His people to believe in Him, to adore Him?
And so anyway, I’ve been thinking about that and kinda having that perspective shift of worshipping to adore God.  To tell Him how good He is and how beautiful and just to be so thankful for Him.  Not because of anything He has done or is doing or is going to do for me, but just because of how wonderful—how full of wonders—that He is.  Not because I want to butter Him up to do things for me, but just because I want to sit in His presence.  Just because I want to hang out with Him.  Just because I want to be with Him, you know? Like those people you can truly introvert with—the people you can sit in silence with and not feel awkward.  Like those people you can look into their faces and know what their hearts are thinking.  That’s the kind of relationship I want to have with God.  Where I can just sit in companionable silence, where I can spill my heart, where I can hear His.  Where we know each other so intimately that we can communicate with one look at each other.  Where our hearts can groan together without words being necessary.  Where our hands can work together.  Where our hearts can love together.
These songs have helped me do that this week (I would link the live-stream but it’s unlisted):
(I would put the videos themselves into the post but WordPress isn’t working with me today.)
Disclaimer: I’m not saying that worshipping Him because of what He’s done and doing is wrong! Not at all! This is just another new facet of worship and relationship with Him that I’m discovering and pursuing intentionally.  So often we can start out as this and then so easily focus on ourselves and how it helps us and what it does for us.  YES, hallelujah, worship brings peace and calms anxiety and reminds us of His promises to us.  I’m just saying, let’s don’t just stop at that!


Much love,


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