The Detour is for Your Destiny

We’re back with another on-time word from God! I can’t wait for you all to read my notes from this weekend’s experience at church.

We started off this week’s worship with “Won’t Stop Now” and had an announcement about Love Week before a testimony and baptism.  We continued with “Here as in Heaven“, and the new song they introduced last week, “See a Victory”, before finishing with “Power“.


Pastor Tavner from Vineyard church in Chattanooga, Tennessee was in the house this week! My notes are as follows:

  • Honor is the currency of the kingdom. What you fail to honor will exit your life.
  • God is going to meet you at the level of your expectations.
  • Isaiah 55:11
  • Exodus 14:21-22, 27-28
  • If you want something different, why don’t you do something different?
  • Your position is on purpose.
  • Exodus 13:17-18
  • When things don’t go the way that we think God would have them go, we immediately blame the devil.  What if it isn’t really an attack from the enemy but a purposed position from God?
  • What if the place you are in was not meant to be a place of escape but of assignment? What is there is an assignment in our position that only we can accomplish?
  • I will accomplish what I was called to do in my positioned place.
  • Your position is a part of the process.
  • Exodus 14:1-4
  • Galatians 6:9
  • If we let the process do its work, the harvest will not crush us.
  • We are forcing ourselves into seasons we are not yet ready for.  We put ourselves in seasons that the process has not had time to create in us the ability to handle it.
  • There are five steps of seed: first, it has to be planted.  We get upset about not seeing a harvest from a seed that we were not even obedient to plant.
  • Secondly, the roots are developed: it’s a problem because it happens underground and we can’t see anything happening.  The most important part of a process is often unseen.
  • Thirdly, the break through: but trees don’t break through [the surface/soil] as trees, they break through as twigs.  How many of us are frustrated with God because we have been praying for something to break through and it has but we don’t think it did and we walk right on top of it because we didn’t expect it to be that little?
  • Fourthly, the immature plant: it looks like the last stage, but…
  • Lastly, the mature plant: it has fruit.  The fruit takes the longest to appear, and the fruit is seed to plant again.
  • In every phase of the seed, growth is happening.  Growth is happening.  You may not see it or feel it, but faith is not about feeling.  God is up to something; when God seems silent, He is not still–He is at work, doing something significant in you.  He doesn’t necessarily want to put you in the season now, He wants to put you into the season ready.
  • Your position is not permanent.
  • John 8:44
  • How do you know if the devil is lying to you? If the devil is talking to you, he’s lying to you.
  • Everything God says and does is filtered through who He is, but the same can be said for the devil.
  • It’s not dark in your life because God is punishing you, it’s dark because He is making a way of escape for you.  You’re not stuck, and you’re not going to be staying here.

We finished up with a reprise of “See a Victory”.

You can watch the message yourself here:


Much love,


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2 thoughts on “The Detour is for Your Destiny

  1. Callie . . . Again a very timely message. A good word for all of us. I have two ladies that really need to read this. I hope it’s ok to copy and send to them.

    You are such a blessing to all of your blogging audience. I‘ve started writing another post, but it still needs some work. In the meantime, my refrigerator is calling out to finish cleaning it out and my craft room is Screaming ORGANIZE ME! 😫 Guess I had better get started although I would rather sit here and read all of your anointed, whimsical, and witty posts.

    Until the nets are full,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you so much for your sweet comment! It definitely made me smile. And yes, always feel free to share my posts with whoever you think it would encourage! ♥️


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