My Maker is My Mirror

Welcome back to another Tuesday! I hope you all enjoy and are encouraged by these posts as much as I enjoy and am encouraged by putting them together! 🙂


Chris Brown started out worship by reading Psalm 100 to us, before we began singing a favorite of mine, “King of My Heart“.  We followed that with “Love Won’t Give Up”, a new song by Elevation Worship, and “Mighty God (Another Hallelujah)“.  After an announcement about YTHX and a baptism and testimony, we sang a new Elevation Worship song, “See a Victory”, followed by “Surrounded (Fight My Battles)“.

My notes read:

  • Joshua 14:6-13
  • It’s not how God sees me but how I think God sees me that determines where I end up.
  • God needed someone to show His nature through so He made me and you.
  • When you insult the product, you insult the manufacturer.  God took something filthy and finite and made something to reflect what is eternal.
  • When you don’t confront what you’ve been through, you end up running.
  • Exodus 2:12-14
  • If you don’t know Who made you, you’ll allow other people to tell you who you are.
  • God doesn’t see you through the lens of your mistake but through the lens of His grace.
  • If people hold your mirror to tell you who you are instead of God, you’ll get a distorted image of yourself and you’ll start matching in your life the image you have in your mind.
  • Cynicism is just as contagious as faith.
  • Sometimes people won’t accept you because they have rejected themselves.  Not everyone’s acceptance is a blessing.  The majority might have the wrong mirror.
  • Numbers 13:32-33
  • It’s not a matter of how big you believe God is, but how much of Him you believe is in you.
  • I can’t run around with people who are struggling with their own sense of self to determine mine.
  • The wilderness can kill you or it can make you stronger.
  • I want to live where the blessings are so I must live where the battles are.  You can’t have a victory without a battle.
  • The level you will settle on is the level you see yourself on.
  • Are we only looking through the filter of our fear? Fear is not our Maker and should not be our mirror.
  • My Maker is my mirror and I am His–when He looks at me, He sees Himself, and He wants to use me to reflect Himself to the world.
  • God’s words can make you stronger in your spirit than your enemies are in your situation.
  • Adversity doesn’t disprove God’s presence; it gives it an opportunity to be displayed.
  • God doesn’t love you because you change; you change because He loves you.

We ended with singing the new song “See a Victory” again.

Y’ALL.   Y’ALL.  WATCH THIS MESSAGE.  If you think the notes are good, you’d better watch the whole thing:


Much love,


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2 thoughts on “My Maker is My Mirror

  1. I loved this sermon on TBN and wanted to listen again on catch-up so I could take notes. Upon googling I found you had done that for everyone already…so thank you and bless you..

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