Trading Truth

This week’s service has got to be the best one in a while (not that the others aren’t good, this one just had a special anointing).

We began with “Gone” by Elevation Worship, followed by “No One Beside” (Elevation Worship), and “Hallelujah Here Below” Elevation Worship, ending with “How Great is Our God“.

Pastor Steven was back in the house this week with an on-time word!

My notes:

  • Romans 1:25
  • There are some lites that we have learned so well that they feel true, even more than the truth does.
  • Sometimes the enemy doesn’t sabotage your life with a lie; he does with a truth that he has twisted into a lie.
  • Matthew 4:1-7
  • If you’ve ever been told that following the way of God will be easy, you’ve been lied to.
  • It’s not the truth that you know but the truth that you do that changes your life.
  • Sometimes if you would do what you knew then you wouldn’t be stuck not knowing what to do.
  • When you know who you are in God’s eyes, you don’t need to prove yourself in anyone else’s.
  • When you know that who you are is not dependent on what you do, your value is not assessed by others.
  • The proof that something is true in your life is not that you can understand it or say “amen” to it, but that you can live on it.
  • Just because something is aligned with your life experiences up to this point doesn’t mean that it’s true.
  • Sometimes I’m not stuck with a lie, I’m stuck with two truths: one is the truth of my situation, and one is the truth of my revelation.
  • Don’t trade the truth of God’s assessment of you for someone else’s opinion of you.
  • I have to know the difference between truth and my story.  Am I choosing to stay stuck in an old story instead of embracing the new truth?
  • John 8:32-33
  • To know the truth is not to quote the truth, it’s to trust the truth.  The second half of the above verse does not work independently of the first.
  • What you trust in is truth to you.
  • A lot of times we think we know the truth better than we really do.
  • Sometimes you can live in a story so long you become a slave to it and it becomes all you know as truth.
  • You don’t have to own the story you were handed if you accept the reality that God has given you.

The whole sermon is definitely worth the watch! This one was jam-packed with wisdom and I cannot recommend it enough.


Much love,


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