Guest Post: Sunsets

A sweet friend of mine sent me this e-mail over the weekend, and I thought it was such a good picture that I asked if I could share it with you all.  She and I have a thing where whenever we see a beautiful sunset, we tell the other person about it, or send a picture if we are able.  She sent me this e-mail about a sunset she saw and the picture that God showed her in it.


I looked out my window at the sun setting tonight.  I was thinking about how I can focus on the good or the bad in life, just like I can look at the pretty cloud or the dark one that is partially covering, but not fully hiding, it.  Then I turned back to the paper I was writing, because the sun on the cloud was fading near the horizon…it was over…or so I thought.  A couple of minutes later I glanced back out and saw a cloud higher up in the sky had turned peach-colored.  I ran down the hallway and told my brother to look at it, then went back to my room and it was even larger.  It had gotten brighter and then faded, but I had several more minutes of beauty to look at. Still clouded (no pun intended) by the dark clouds in front, but still so pretty. I had thought that sunset was over.  If I hadn’t looked back out the window, I would have missed so much. Then I realized something: If I think the “sun is going down,” and stop looking for the goodness of God, merely waiting for a big thing later, I may miss right now.  There may be more now.  It might get dark before I see the next sunrise, but maybe there’s more to see now.  Maybe I need to turn my hope for the future into a willingness to keep my eyes open now.  I may miss what God is doing now if I get caught up in the looming darkness.
I love this, not only because I love sunsets and word pictures from God, but also because the theme of being “present in the present” has been on repeat for me this week.  There is so much to see in the waiting, in the being still and knowing that God is God.
May we have patience in the waiting.  May we have the courage to lift our heads and look up again, even when we think it’s over.  Even when the beauty has faded and we are left in the dark.  May light come again, full of color.
Much love,

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