March Update

God is about to move like we’ve not yet seen Him move before!

The word that has been on repeat for me is that God is true to His word, His words do what He says they are going to do, and they are true. The words He speaks to those who listen to Him are true. The words He speaks to His prophets are true. What He has said will happen, will happen. And even better, the time has come now where there are no more delays in the way! We simply must be still in His presence and rest.
I’ve been getting really into yoga lately. I do it along to videos on YouTube, and because I am aware of its ability to slide into other religions and stuff, I always pray before/after I do it, and lately, during it. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT. I love taking that time (I aim for 15-30 minutes a day) to focus on my breathing, focus on my body, focus on resting, focus on stretching, and focus on silence. I don’t know how to explain it, but taking time to stop thinking about everything I have to do and everything that’s worrying me and just focus on getting my body into alignment and literally feel stress drain out of my body is amazing. Purposefully stretching, breathing, and relaxing into it—clearing my mind, praying, and having that time to myself (although sometimes I’ll do it with a sister) has been amazing for me. It’s been my physical picture of what God wants me to do spiritually: be still. breathe. rest. get stretched. become more flexible, balanced, and strong. clear my mind, heart, and soul, and just let fear and stress go out of my body with each exhale.
(As I said, I know yoga can go into “new age” stuff and all that. I’m being purposeful to take the good and leave the bad. I believe there’s something to it, as a lot of stretches are similar to ones in ballet, and those are vastly different countries and cultures of origin. I think when something as old as this can be seen across cultures as a way to stretch and strengthen the body, that gives it some credibility.)
So anyway, that picture of doing yoga, it’s what I’m doing spiritually: I’m pausing. I’m waiting. I’m stretching. I’m preparing. I’m balancing. I’m breathing. I’m resting.
And it’s in those moments, when I’m being still, that I sense a holiness in the room. An availability for Holy Spirit to come in and sit with me, because I’ve paused. I’m waiting. I’m open. I’m releasing the bad—the unrest, the stress, the fear, the tension, the tiredness—and purposefully inhaling new breaths.
It’s in the waiting. It’s in the waiting that our faith grows. So take courage, for your wait is not much longer, and God is coming to rescue you! Take time to be still, know that He is God, and anticipate His move. Speak words of life and faith. Say what you want to see, and live according to that hope.
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I hope this encourages you all as well!

Much love,


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