I’m Confused About My Calling

Hey everyone, sorry I’ve been absent the past week or so!

I was taking my Humanities CLEP and beginning my studies on public speaking and sociology.  A dear friend of mine lost her dad and my family and I were doing our best to support her.  And most recently, I went clothes shopping with friends to replace some items in my wardrobe that had worn out.  Along the way, I uncovered several lies I was believing about myself, the way I relate to people, and my body image and confidence.  I may go into more detail later this week; if you are interested in hearing about any of those topics, comment below or contact me through the form in the menu.

Now, please don’t be concerned about me from today’s post title–Pastor Steven Furtick is just really making my blog sound interesting from his sermon titles! 🙂 These are my notes from last week’s worship experience, since I didn’t get around to posting them.  I am loving this new series he started, Maybe God, and so far both messages have just been spot-on for me.  I’ll post this past weekend’s notes later on this week, so stay tuned for that.

We began worship with “Let Go” Hillsong Young and Free, and it’s pretty much been stuck in my head ever since! Following that, we sang “Gone”, a new song from Elevation Worship, and celebrated a baptism. “O Come to the Altar” was next, bringing back an old favorite, and it introduced communion.  To finish up, we sang “Mighty Cross” with a spontaneous rendition of “There is Power in the Blood” to keep the music and lyrics teams on their toes. 🙂

My notes read:

  • We have a God of mystery in a culture that worships certainty.
  • 1 Samuel 3:1-10
  • “If you’re not dead, God’s not done.” –Perry Noble
  • When the word of God becomes common to us, we will have access to it but it will have no impact on our life.
  • Many of our cultural concepts of calling are really just self-help, individualistic, ambition-oriented delusions dressed up in Christian cliches.
  • The culture of our day is kind of like, instead of worshipping God, we worship our idea of God’s will, and rather than being in relationship with God, we want God to be a resource who is more like Siri than He is like a savior.
  • Until I treasure the voice of God, I can’t hear it.
  • Whatever God is going to speak in your life is going to come through relationships–if I am not selective about my contacts, I’ll allow their voices into my mind.
  • Who/what are you running to?
  • I want to surround myself with people who bring out the God in me.
  • Because my calling is valuable, my contacts need to be carefully selected because whatever I make contact with, I catch.
  • The right contacts will always point you back to God.
  • Samuel’s greatest revelation came in rest.
  • God is always moving but He’s never hiding; God doesn’t want you to depend on His will but to depend on Him.
  • To know God is to know His voice, and when you know Him like that, you can hear Him when He says things that are hard to hear–and even when He says things you don’t want to hear, He says them from a spirit of love, grace, and purpose.
  • You will realize God’s purpose when you get in your place.
  • The only thing God has ever wanted from you is all of you–when you make yourself available, the word of God becomes abundant.
  • What if what God has called you to, first and foremost, is Himself?
  • The will of God is not a resource, it’s a relationship.

You can, which I always recommend, watch the full message here:


Thanks for your patience in my absence! If you ever want to contribute a post to my blog, contact me through the form in the menu and we’ll talk! 🙂

Much love,


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