You Already Know

Ah.  What a week, what an on-time word.  I probably need to watch this over and over again. 🙂

We began worship with “Echo” and Hillsong Worship’s “What a Beautiful Name“, and continued with “With You” (new Elevation Worship music, not yet released on YouTube) and “Hallelujah Here Below“.

Pastor Furtick was back in the house this week to continue our New Year’s series, Flip the Flow.

My notes read:

  • There is power when you participate in the presence of God.
  • John 2:11
  • Everything God does for you is to try to point to who He wants to be for you.
  • Are you holding fast to the resources of God or the revelations of God?
  • The storm reveals the state of your heart.
  • You don’t have to know what to do if you know Who to go to.
  • John 6:6
  • Every need in your life is pointing you to a deeper place in God.
  • It’s not in the knowing but in the doing that the miracle happens.
  • John 2:6-10
  • It’s not that God doesn’t have it, it’s that we’re so busy looking at what’s not there that we miss what is.
  • Jesus never points to what’s next without dealing with what’s now.
  • John 1:45-50
  • God wouldn’t have put you in it if He hadn’t put Himself in you.

We closed with “Here as in Heaven“.

This message was so spot-on for me personally and applies to so many areas of my life and friend/family circles!

You can watch the full message here:


Much love,


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