Backseat DJs

Trust me when I say y’all don’t want to miss this weekend’s church notes because it’s the best message I’ve heard in a while!

Worship began with “Won’t Stop Now“, followed by “Love Won’t Give Up”, a baptism and testimony, and “Faithful“.  After singing “Worthy” and some spontaneous worship, Pastor Steven began preaching.

My notes on “Backseat DJs” read:

  • James 1:24
  • Distinction of Joy
  • There are trials associated with success and failure.
  • You should resist temptations but accept trials.
  • James 1:5 — Ask God for wisdom, not people about my problem.
  • There’s a difference between joy and pleasure.
  • Direction of Joy
  • Hebrews 12:1-2
  • Your joy is your job; it’s not on anyone else’s job description.
  • Pleasure can come with joy but joy is not dependent on pleasure.
  • What’s behind you cannot kill you unless you let it.
  • How do I keep joy set before me when the world says I should focus on what’s around me?
  • Joy is controlled by priorities.
  • Joy isn’t necessarily a choice; it’s a consequence.  My choices contain consequences; is joy one of them?
  • Some of the things we chase destroy our joy while increasing our pleasure.
  • If joy is a feeling and I don’t feel it then I lose faith for it because I can’t feel it.
  • My joy isn’t in my mood.
  • Joy isn’t a feeling; it’s a focus.
  • Psalm 16:4
  • It’s not a question of God’s presence; it’s a question of mine.
  • If my priority is convenience, acceptance from others, recognition, etc, then my joy is tied to whether or not I have those things or circumstances.
  • Where it comes from determines when it runs out.
  • Duration of Joy
  • If your joy is in being right, then your joy will be tied to that.
  • John 15:11
  • The worst way to find happiness is to try to find it; the best way is to focus on what God has put in front of you.
  • Your joy is before you — right in front of your face.
  • In presence is the fullness of joy; be present and be present with God.
  • Even when you’re not certain of the outcome, you can have joy.

You can watch the full message from this weekend below:




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