Reverse Your Worry

Tuesday again!

We began worship with “Here as in Heaven“, followed by “God of the Promise” and a baptism, and then “It Is So” (Elevation Worship’s new song that has not yet been released) and some spontaneous hymns.

We are continuing the Gamechangers series this week with week two, Reverse the Search.  My notes read:

  • Matthew 6:25-34
  • I worry because I don’t know if what’s within me is enough to handle what happens to me.
  • Worry is circular–it’s going around and around and it doesn’t get anywhere.
  • In order to consider the birds, you’ve got to stop looking all around you to consider your life.  Because as long as you look around you, you spin around and around and around, but when you break the cycle and consider that there is a God above you who has gone before you and lives within you, who is always for you, and that you are spoken for and known and named and called and chosen and set apart, you’ll see your life at a different level.
  • When you are spiraling in worry, you have lots of motion, but you end up right back where you started, except now you can’t see straight.
  • How you spin the news that comes at you determines how you see it.
  • Then, by the time you face real life changes and challenges, you don’t have your balance.
  • If God made you in His image, then what makes you think you have to spin out in worry?
  • Worship is worry in reverse.  Worry is when I start with my situation and spin around and around.  Instead of starting your mediation with your situation, start with your source–your Heavenly Father.
  • It’s almost impossible for us to have priorities because we have so much fear.  But if you start with God, you end with God.  If you start with fear, you end with fear.
  • God doesn’t necessarily take your problems and enemies away, but He enables you to see beyond them–to see that He is surrounding what is surrounding you.
  • So much of our peace is dependent on whether we can see the second circle.
  • If God is in the details of the birds and the flowers, how much more is He aware of and caring for you? If He did that, He can do this.
  • If God cares for the lesser, He’ll take care of the greater.
  • If I start with the Kingdom, God will give me the things.
  • You protect what you prize, and your peace ought to be important to you.  But the only way to live in God’s peace is to live in God’s priorities.
  • It’s not the presence of problems that has the absence of peace.  Sometimes problems help us to clarify priorities.
  • You invest your treasure in the one that you trust.
  • If we are going to worry like the world worries, how are we going to win the world that we worry just like? The world should see our peace and want to meet the Prince of Peace.
  • If you are a world-class worrier, you have the potential to be a world-class worshipper.
  • Peace only comes through correct priorities.
  • When you have a Father who knows how to feed you, you don’t have to run to the world for scraps.

You can watch the whole message here:



love first, love well, love anyway-4

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