October Favorites

Aaaaaaaaand we’re back with another month’s collection of favorite things! Each month, I put together a list of things I’ve been enjoying that month (whether or not they actually released that month). Enjoy, and let me know if you love any of these things also!


I love this song; I just found it this month but it fits right along with a theme that’s been repeated, that we fight our battles in praise.

Pretty sure y’all know my love of UPPERROOM worship by now, so no explanation needed on this one except it fits with the theme of the last one.

I’m also really enjoying For King and Country’s newest song Burn the Ships! The lyrics are so good (as always) and the music video is pretty incredible.

This sweet song can easily become a favorite anthem.  It’s hopeful, soulful, and honest.  I love it.

I came across this song on YouTube and as I listened to it I just began absolutely sobbing and I can’t get it off repeat now. Oh my God the power in this song….wow.

Another incredibly powerful song…I really don’t have words to describe these songs this month!

I also began a playlist of some of my favorite songs on ( Try Amazon Music Unlimited Free Trial ) Amazon Music this month; you can check it out here.

Hallelujah Here Below Album by Elevation Worship

I LOVE this album! If you click through the link above, you can buy the CD for $2 cheaper than the digital album, and ( Shop Amazon Music – Buy a CD or Vinyl Record – Get MP3 Version FREE with AutoRip ) get the digital album free–a win-win! (And you could even give the CD away to a friend who would love it too!)

Look Up Child Album from Lauren Daigle

This is another bomb album! Even better with this one, if you have an ( Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial) Amazon Prime membership, you can stream this album for free with ( Try Amazon Music Unlimited Free Trial ) Amazon Music!


Remember God by Annie Downs

I got to hear Annie Downs in person at the Abound conference at the beginning of this month, and it was so awesome! I bought her book there and read it within a few days afterwords.  I love how honest and raw it is while pursuing the truth that God is kind in everyday life.


Poldark Season Four

Umm, hello…my favorite TV show ever…I’m pretty sure that if you know me, are like 17+, and have a general interest in history I have dogged you about watching this show until you’re tired of me.  (Watch from the beginning of season one though if you are new.)



I saw trailers for this movie earlier this year, so when I saw it at my local Redbox I stopped and rented it.  It’s a movie that draws you in and truly makes you feel as if you are the one lost at sea.  It’s incredibly well done, well acted, and the scenery in it is beautiful.  There is a smattering of language, nudity, and blood, but otherwise I recommend it.  Even more incredible, it’s a true story.

First Man

I really had a thing going for true survival story movies this month. 🙂 This was also incredibly acted; there was much more brooding silence and tense emotion than dialogue, it seemed, but the tension was thick throughout the movie and I definitely tensed up, cried, and felt the wonder that mere human beings were able to fly to the moon.  Also language and action, but overall a really neat film.


This is probably my favorite blog post I’ve written in a long while!


I am loving these joggers that I got from church! They are so warm and comfortable!


Sadie Robertson’s Whoa That’s Good Podcast, particularly the episode with Rebekah Lyons as well as the one with Annie Downs.

I hope you all found something new to try out from this post! Several of the links are my affiliate links to Amazon, so if you try them out, it helps me out also! Win-win!


love first, love well, love anyway-4

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