The Power to Interpret

This weekend I was able to attend church on campus, which was an amazing experience as always.

Elevation Worship’s new album Hallelujah Here Below dropped this past weekend, so we were definitely celebrating that! Worship began with singing “Echo“, followed by “Won’t Stop Now“, a baptism, “Worthy“, and “Hallelujah Here Below“.

This week concluded the “Triggered” series with the message “The Power to Interpret“. My notes read:

  • Genesis 40:5-16
  • 1 Corinthians 14:13
  • It’s amazing how the wrong interpretation can ruin your relationships.
  • One of the most important things you’ll learn in life is the appearance of God’s absence in the affairs of your life.
  • Genesis 42, 46:1-5
  • The favor of God may cause you to be hated by people. Sometimes it’s lonely to be loved by God.
  • You can’t have full deliverance in denial.
  • Our lives aren’t determined by the events that unfold.
  • When you allow the voice of your cynicism to be your interpreter, you’ll always be adding or subtracting from what was really going on.
  • Are you letting your circumstances interpret your views of God or your God interpret your views of your circumstances?
  • Don’t interpret someone’s heart from their posture.
  • Don’t interpret God through your experience, interpret your experiences through your God.
  • God didn’t put me in fire to burn me but to refine me; He didn’t put me in water to drown me but to cleanse me.
  • Desires–do I want to impress people more than bless people? If you know God you are fully known. If you seek Him, He’ll show you the difference between godly ego and ambition. A lot of us are trying to live the Christian life without the Spirit of God that gives us the power to interpret.
  • Rejection–on the surface it was rejection, in reality it was protection. If it would have worked out the way I wanted it to work out, God wouldn’t have been able to work in what He wanted to work in.
  • Emotions–at the root of every behavior is a belief. In your despairing effort to connect, sometimes you push people away. We process our next opportunity through our past pain.
  • Advantage–I want God to show me how to interpret the advantages He’s given me. The enemy wants me to be so blinded by adversity that I can’t see the advantages. Today’s attack is tomorrow’s advantage; I can’t be in a position to be a provider if I haven’t been betrayed.
  • Middle–don’t loose sight of what God has called you to. The Holy Spirit is our interpreter. I need the Holy Spirit when I can’t feel the presence of God.

We concluded with singing my personal favorite song on the new album, “Here Again“.

Thanks for your patience with these notes continuing to be late!


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