Life Update: Eating an Elephant

August was a wild month! I took road trips to Charlotte, North Carolina and Richmond, Virginia almost back-to-back, two weekends in a row, at least.  I took two college exams; I’m doing my college studies at home, studying the material on my own and then going and taking a CLEP or DSST test, that if I pass, I gain credit as if I took the corresponding course.  If you’re interested in a post about how I’m doing college since it’s a unique and significantly cheaper method, comment down below.  I got sick for a week, tried to catch up in my journal (I’m like five months behind!), and by the end of the month really started to work on my book.  I had previously started writing said book with my best friend, but she pulled out to focus on finding her calling and career, which I’m very proud of her for doing.  Anyway, that did set me behind a little bit as I had to re-work writing the book to be one written with my words and ideas.  I set a goal of 2,000 words per day, which I did not always meet, but I did at least get some work done on it.  My writing  stamina is set more at about 500-600 words per blog post, so crunching out over three times that amount each day, plus keeping up with blog posts, school work, and journalling was overwhelming.   Prayers are much appreciated as I continue to struggle with where to use my words in a day, as I want to be efficient and productive in what God is calling me to do.

In blog news, August was the first month I’ve hit over one thousand views in a month, including some from several new countries, so I’m ecstatic about that.

In the midst of all that, I’ve been working on decluttering my possessions.  I can’t really explain why yet because I don’t know why myself, except that I just had the nagging feeling that I should pare down what I own, getting rid of what I don’t use anyone and what doesn’t bring me joy (inspired by The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which was an excellent and inspiring read).  I’m not sure how this will come in handy, but I’m trying to always be ready to hop on the road and go on an adventure, and the less stuff I have, the less I’ll have to mess with it.  I hoping to sell some of it, so perhaps that will help fund the next travels.

I realize I’m kind of just rambling on in this post; I wanted to collect and organize my thoughts from August and prepare my mind and goals for September.  I honestly kind of forgot that September existed, so now I have 30 days to deal with and plan out what I want to do in them.

So, let’s see.  I would love to have my September blog posts out on time consistently throughout the month; if they’re pre-written and scheduled, that would be a huge help, so I’ll aim to go that route again.  I’ll set a goal here and now to have the first four chapters in my book written by the end of the month.  I’d also like to take another college exam, though I’m not sure which one next.  I’m hoping to make another trip to Charlotte, as well as a trip to Nashville.  If there’s another spontaneous opportunity for a road trip somewhere in there, I’m all in.  A dear friend of mine is making a trip to California, which I would desperately love to go with her on, but she doesn’t have room in the car and I’m not sure I’d have the money to go along anyway.  But oh, how I’d love to! I’ve not been further west than the edge of Texas, nor further north than Ohio, and I would love to visit all fifty states.  If anyone reading this understands my desperate love for travel and has any ideas or tips for affordable, cross-country travel or unique places to visit, please comment them on this post.

I turn twenty at the beginning of October, which is a sort of rite of passage in my family, so I’m excited and nervous for that all at the same time.  I think September is going to be a jam-packed month that flies by, so it’s crazy to think this is my last month of being a teenager.  I’ve learned so much during my teenage years; I’ll probably do a post on it in October.

I really cannot believe how quickly 2018 has flown by; I’m still not even used to writing the date as 2018 yet!  It blows my mind that we are two-thirds of the way through it.  I think the rest of the year is going to be absolutely wild, so stay tuned! 🙂 Following my blog is truly the best way of keeping up with me and hearing of all my travels and adventures.  I try to post on my Instagram but I’m just better at words than pictures.

Wow, I had writer’s block all morning today, trying to write in my book, and I’ve just written over 800 words here without even thinking.  That’s so not fair–it would have been almost halfway to my word count for the day if it was in my book.  Oh well.  The book isn’t really made up of ramblings anyway–a little more professional and passionate than my blog. 🙂  So, it’s going to take more work and concentration.  I am excited about it though; I’m just mostly intimidated.  But what is it people say about how to eat an elephant? You do it one bite at a time.

Thank you, my loyal readers, for sticking around as I ramble and update you about how much elephant I’ve eaten.  You’re really the best.


love first, love well, love anyway-4

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