In the Potter’s Hands

Life can be crazy.  I’m sure everyone that’s alive knows that and this isn’t new news to anyone, but sometimes, it can feel as if you’re being slung around more than normal.

I had an experience myself recently where I felt as if everything around me–my schooling, my projects, my emotions, my circumstances–was just swirling around me at a dizzying speed, and I could do nothing to stop it.  Nothing was clear; everything was blurred because of stress, busyness, and uncertainty.  All I wanted was some clarity! What was next in my life? Where should I go from here? What should I do in this situation or that?

I was reminded of the verse that reads:

And yet, O Lord, you are our Father.
We are the clay, and you are the potter.
We all are formed by your hand.” Isaiah 64:8

I don’t have much [read:any] experience with pottery hands-on, but I have read a little bit about it, and I know that there’s this thing called the pottery wheel that the lump of clay goes on.  The potter spins the wheel and molds the clay simultaneously, until he gets it into the shape he likes it.  He puts it into the oven [kiln thing?] to dry it out and ensure it maintains its shape.  He can’t touch it as it is drying, or he’ll have to reshape it again.

As I was going through that overwhelming time a couple of weeks ago and that verse came back into my mind, God reminded me that He is the potter.  To the clay, of course things would be spinning around at a frightening speed–it’s on the wheel! Of course it would be hard to see clearly when spinning, and of course your vision would get blurred.  Of course it would be uncomfortable to be reshaped.  Of course it would be dry, hot, and uncomfortable to be in the kiln.  And of course you could think God has left you when you’re drying out.

But think about it from the potter’s perspective.   The potter isn’t spinning just because the clay is.  The potter has a clear, un-blurred view of what’s going on.  It’s literally in his hands.  He didn’t abandon the clay to dry out–he’s right there watching, but if he touches it, it would mess it up.  He’s proud of his work.

I was comforted by the thought that my spinning was all a part of my shaping.  That my shaping was all a part of my defining.  That my defining was a part of my beauty, and that my beauty reflected the work of my Potter.  Even when my world was spinning, He saw clearly.  Even when I felt abandoned, He was right there.  If I cracked under the pressure, He was right there, prepared to heal.

Sometimes I think people think God is cruel or has abandoned us.  But if He’s the potter like He says He is, that doesn’t speak well of His reputation.  He wants us to reflect Him well, and so He’s not going to do a sloppy job of making us.  We are His handiwork–His best work.



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