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For some reason, I never did get around to pre-writing and scheduling posts this month.  Or even this week.  That’s why every single day, I’ve had to sit down and write out that day’s post.  Today is no different in that regard; its only difference lies in the fact that today, I have no idea what to write about.  I’ve prayed before writing this post that only the words that God wants written will be written, so let’s see where this goes!

You may remember a couple weeks ago I posted an update on where I am and what God has been telling me; that word has continued to be on repeat and has even, in a sense, grown.  It’s been confirmed over and over again that it was indeed God speaking, and that it wasn’t specific to one aspect of my life: it was an answer to several things I’d been praying about.

The word started out as “Go”, but grew with repeated reminders that I’m not crazy, that what God is showing me, while unseen by others, is real and happening.  And in addition to that, God’s been telling me to act like my prayers are already answered.

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It was the summer of 2010 and we were BROKE. We had very few dollars. I was driving my three little kiddos home and I remember thinking that until God showed up, I wouldn’t have the gas money to leave the house again. And as I was driving and praying, Holy Spirit said: You can act like the relief is on the way. . He said: You’re going to be so relieved when I show up and take care of this, so why don’t you go ahead and be relieved now – since you can be sure I will. Honestly, not worrying sounded better than worrying at that moment – so I tried it. God brought little bits of relief over time until finally – that wasn’t our story any more, the not having enough money for gas. . But yesterday I was praying for big breakthrough, a big miracle that we need in our life right now, except I was worry-praying. I was scared and sad and doubtful. And I felt Holy Spirit say it again: you can act life relief is on the way. Remember? I may not move in the exact way you want me to. I may not bring relief in a way that you could picture – but I will not hold out on you and I will not hide. I will show up. . I’m not sure what you’re facing today, how hard it is, how scary it is, or how simple it might be. But the only thing I know for sure is that God is good and He is working on your behalf. He may not show up how you want, expect, and He may not even show up in a way you can see immediately – but relief is on the way. And if you want permission to act like it, here it is. I’m with you choosing to believe it today too!

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God has said to go, that I’m not crazy, and to act as if it’s already done.  He’s reminded me of verses which confirm this, putting a new one into my spirit pretty much every day.  He has reminded me that at the right time, He’ll make it happen.  He has assured me that the  visions He’s given me are waiting for their appointed time, have not lied, and are not delayed.  He’s reminded me that not for a minute have I been forsaken.

And I’m starting to see the fruit of that! I’m seeing years of prayers begin to be answered.  I’m reassured that the prophetic dreams and visions God has given me will come to pass. That God makes bold promises to me (and keeps them!).  He promises that the words He has spoken will come to pass.  It is done.

That reminds me of an analogy I was saving to use in a blog post:

In my area, we have a grocery store that gives you one free item of their choice every Friday.  All you have to do is log into your online account with them and load the coupon to your card, and then swipe your store card when you’re getting the free item.

For some reason, my account has an odd little quirk about it.  It doesn’t happen with my mom or grandmother’s account, just with mine.  Whenever I log on to load my coupon, it shows that it is already in my account, and all I have to do is go to the store and get my item with my card.  With my mom and grandmother, they have to load their coupon to their account.  If I don’t log into my account though, it doesn’t load the coupon.  I have to log in and it shows that it’s already loaded, but no log in = no coupon loaded.

My point is, we’ve already got so much credited towards us spiritually; we’ve got the innocence and redemption of Jesus Christ loaded into our account.  But in order to access the freedom that brings, we’ve got to connect.  We’ve got to log in.  There’s so many things God has already given us that we just have to connect with Him to get.  They’re already there for us! He’s already provided.  We just have to make that connection with Him.

Act as if relief is already on the way.  Act as if God has already answered your prayers.

Because He has.


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