Road Trippin’ Part Six

Okay y’all I’m so sorry this wasn’t posted this morning.  As you’ll probably have noticed if you follow me on Instagram, I went out of town this weekend.  I just got back in town after 2 am, and stayed at my friend’s house instead of going all the way home, so I just got home about 2 hours ago and have been unpacking.  I started writing this on the ride home last night but ended up falling asleep! Anyway, some friends of mine and I made a trip to Richmond, Virginia for another friend’s birthday party.  We stayed at her house and had ourselves a marvelous time.  The birthday party was held about 30 minutes away from her house, and we had so many adventures just getting to where the party was held that I just have to tell! Of course, there was a spiritual parallel to be seen if we looked.

So let me paint the picture for you: five women in a car, skipping through the radio stations until we find an 80’s song that the adults sang along to, belting out the lyrics with all their hearts while my friend and I realized we were too young to know the song.  They argued about which movie soundtrack it came from—the one with Meg Ryan or the one with Nicolas Cage? We youngin’s commandeered the bluetooth system in the car and switched the playlist to one from The Greatest Showman.  


Our friend had warned us before we left her house for the party (she had left before us to get the location set up) that there was going to be toll roads along the way, and she told us exactly how much it would cost.  I’m glad she did, because while there were signs along the way warning us that there would be a toll, there were no signs on how much it would cost us until we were right up to the gate to pay, unable to turn around.

In all our shenanigans, we got hungry.  We were already a good piece into our drive but decided to pull off the road at a McDonald’s, thinking that we couldn’t make it until we ate at the party.  After some more mishaps ordering our food through the drivethru, we got on the road again and put on the GPS.  As we pulled out of the McDonald’s parking lot, the GPS instructed us to turn right into the next entrance into the same parking lot we had pulled out of.  Right behind the McDonald’s was the place where the birthday party was held.  We could have saved time, money, and effort had we held out a little longer, and when we got there, a table was set before us—not in the presence of our enemies, per say, but in the presence of about a dozen five-year-olds.


In all of that, we didn’t realize that our gas tank was on empty.  Thankfully, we noticed it as we pulled into the location where the party was, and were able to avoid disaster by getting it as soon as we left.

Through all of it, we kept singing.  Not getting our order of fries from McDonald’s and turning around again to get them, finding out we wasted the money on McDonald’s because we were 30 seconds away from our destination, pumping gas—through all of it, we kept singing, and that kept our joy up.


I loved how ages didn’t matter on this trip.  Race didn’t matter on this trip.  Nothing mattered except our friendship and shared love of God.  The younger learned from the older and the older encouraged the younger.  I loved the spiritual picture in the toll roads: that we had friends who knew the expense of going down a certain path, and they warned us about it.  We need that in our faith–friends that have gone down a path, paid a price, and can warn others who wouldn’t otherwise know the costs.  The spiritual picture that if we could just hold on a little longer, we could be filled and refreshed, but so often we pull off the road and incur unnecessary expenses and delays in our journey, even when we are so close to our destination.  The spiritual parallel that sometimes we’re just running on fumes and don’t even realize how close we are to crashing and burning, when God makes us aware and refuels us.  And the spiritual picture that through it all, we can sing and make a joyful noise.

Hopefully that all made sense! I’m deliriously tired, so please give grace if tomorrow’s post is late also–I may sleep in.  I haven’t pre-scheduled these posts like I normally do this month.


love first, love well, love anyway-4

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