Guest Post: Hope from Hope for the Animals

I am SUPER excited about today’s guest blogger! She holds a special place in my heart, as she is my youngest sister.  She is mature beyond her years and I love seeing her grow and serving God alongside her.  Recently, God downloaded a word into her about her identity, and it is so powerful! She let me post it today because she believes that this word is not just for her; it’s for all Christians.  This is who God says we are! After you’re done reading, please be sure to check out her blog, which is all about making sure pets are receiving proper care.  She does lots of research to post every week, and is passionate in her love for animals.

And now, her post:

This is who God says I AM

I am strong, a quiet strength is infused in my core. I am unique, I cannot be anyone other than who I am and I should never try to be anything else; because anything other than what God created me to be is less than my potential. I am noble, God’s authority is in me because I am of God. I am a warrior- God’s warrior. I am called to raise up those around me with a holy battle cry and lead us into the victory that is already ours through Christ. I am gentle, called to care for and nurture those not strong enough for battle, because when they are strong they will be unstoppable. I am tough, driven to use tough love because sometimes that’s what is needed to push the hurting out of a cycle of sin. I am just, ready to defend those who cannot defend themselves, but always letting God work because vengeance is the Lord’s. I am loving, because love can say what words cannot. I am loved, and so are you. We are not loved equally- we are loved uniquely, because God is a personal God and knows us each for who we truly are. I am an influencer, a voice to be heard. And because of that I must be sure what I am saying is true and worthwhile. I am a listener, someone to confide in, someone who acknowledges you when you feel you are ignored or not worthy. I am wise, I pay attention when I am criticized because I know it is spoken in love. I am clothed with strength and dignity, and I am able to fearlessly face my future because I know God’s plans for me are good. I am loyal, and I try to demonstrate who God is because he will NEVER leave you or forsake you. Most importantly, I am Yours, Lord. I know who I am, and I am choosing to walk into my destiny of reckless love.


Amen, right? Isn’t that awesome? Be sure to pass it along to your friends who may be in need of encouragement and a reminder of who God says they are.  And don’t forget to check out Hope’s awesome blog!

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I'm a writer who publishes my thoughts on the life I'm living, literature I'm reading, and God I'm serving. Psalm 27:4 One thing I ask from the Lord, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple.

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