Guest Post: Elizabeth Foil of Lace Devotion Ministries

Lace Devotion is a ministry for teenage girls run by Elizabeth Foil, whom I had the pleasure of meeting about a month ago.  A mutual friend introduced us as we have similar passions for blogging, and today she is the guest blogger! Please be sure to make her feel welcome and check out her website and Instagram! *Her website is being revamped and it will re-launch next week, so be sure to check it out then! In the meantime, read the post she was so gracious to share with us to get a taste of her ministry.*

Picking Up Your Cross Daily by Elizabeth Foil
I was talking with girls in my connect group this past Sunday and the topic was salvation. We were talking specifically what we thought of Christianity and what it meant to have a relationship with Christ when we got saved; for many of us, that was a while ago. It was interesting to see how much we’ve grown since then but also to hear about each of our “when it clicked” moment.
One of the girls who got saved in the last few months said it clicked when she realized she needed to give God more than parts of herself and only parts of her life but rather she needed to give Him all. Her whole life, including past circumstances and future decisions. This also means present moments.
Another girl in the class mentioned in wisdom beyond her years that there are many conversions in the walk of a Christian. Sounds interesting, right? She is right on. How so?
There is the initial one of salvation but there are many later as we grow closer to Him and maybe realize we need to give Him a part we haven’t. So, we are completely His. It is dedicating our life. And I added, this happens daily.
This is what Jesus meant about picking up our cross daily.
Luke 9:23“And He was saying to them all,“If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me.”
Even as a Christian, we have the choice everyday to follow Him and trust Him ON THIS DAY. Every morning before I leave the house I try to make sure my heart is in the right place. That I have given Him today. That I’ve taken up the cross for today.
I ask Him two questions:
  1. How can I give You glory today?
  2. Is there anything I’m keeping from You? If so, please reveal it so I can capture it and give it to You.
Because I want to be all in. I choose everyday to take up my cross and follow Him, because this is what it means to go after Jesus. This is what it means to be His disciple.
Picking up our cross daily means in good and hard times. Not forgetting our mission when life is perfect and not forgetting the gift of life when it isn’t.
The best step in preparing for these daily moments (come what may) is reading God’s Word. Trust me, you can’t be intentional about listening to Him and then get nothing from it.
Jeremiah 29:13 says,“You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.”
This is a promise. Picking up our cross daily isn’t about picking up our burdens, it is about being available. Really, it is giving Him our burdens and living abundantly. It is being intentional to live life now. To love on people and be the hands and feet of Christ. It is being on mission.
Tomorrow can worry about itself as Matthew 6:34 reminds us. Live today. This is where we are and where we can make a difference.
What do you choose today?
**For more on Elizabeth’s story follow her on the LDM website ( and social media** She’d love to connect with you!
As the founder of LaceDevotion Ministries, Elizabeth Foil has a heart for sharing the Gospel and inspiring others to be on mission right where they are. She’d love for you to be part of the LDM family, connect with us online at or on FB/Insta. If you have a heart for missions, please make sure to message her @elizabethfoil on Instagram. Trust Him in this thing called life, He is the Potter, we are the clay. Isaiah 64:8

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