Looking for Lovely

Looking for Lovely by Annie F. Downs

This book, oh my goodness! It hit me right in the middle of the anxiety storm brewing up around me last week.  I listened to it on my travels as I drove and it nearly made it cry, it was so personal.  This book addresses those of us who get caught up in negativity.  I never really considered myself a negative or pessimistic person, but I connected with it when I realized I had taken part in quitting and self-hatred like Annie talked about.  I never really thought about those things when I considered negativity, always focusing on pessimism or something like that, and telling myself I was all right because at least I didn’t think like that.  I didn’t even count negative self-talk in the equation of negative thinking, because I suppose I had different standards for how I treated myself versus how I treated the world.  Can anybody else relate?

Anyway, this book talked about just what the title suggests it might: looking for the lovely (good) things in the midst of our messes.  Annie brings a smile to my face just listening to her cheery voice (I had the audiobook version, read by the author herself).  Her situations are hilarious but relatable, and I loved the examples she gave of seeing beauty in the ordinary.  At one point in the book, she challenged the reader (listener) to get up and see the sunrise the next day.  As I was traveling while listening and was several hundred miles away from home, I didn’t know when the sun rose where I was staying.  I didn’t bother googling it, but instead set my alarm super early (for me anyway).  I ended up waking up about twenty minutes before my alarm went off, and saw out of the window a BEAUTIFUL sunrise.  I snapped a picture, thanked God for waking me up in time to see the lovely, and fell back asleep until my alarm went off 20 minutes later.  When my alarm went off, I woke up and looked out the window again to see that the bright colors of the sunrise had faded into morning.  I smiled in delight as I realized God had woken me up just to share the beauty with me–because I was dead tired after my travels and knew there was no other reason for waking up before my alarm!


I finished the book as I finished my travels, and I’m so thankful for the fresh and lovely perspective it gave me on them! It was just what I needed, so I wanted to share my recommendation of it with all of you in case you are going through a similar season in your lives.

(I also read Annie’s Speak Lovewhich made a huge impact on me during my early teen years, and I would recommend that to young teenage girls also.)

*I do want to note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links to Amazon, which means that if you click through them and purchase either of the books mentioned, I’ll get a small percentage of the sales.  It doesn’t increase your price any, and it helps me to bring quality content to all of you!*

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