Guest Post: Waves

Today’s post is a guest post by a personal friend of mine.  She has been writing things God shows her also, and when she shared them with me I asked if I could share them with all of you!

“We were at the beach for the first time in many years, and I was trying to learn how to ride the waves back in to the shore. My dad and cousin were encouraging me and telling me when to jump and let the wave carry me. So I did. I took a breath and closed my eyes and the wave washed over me and forced me forward. Then it crashed me into the sand and I got forcefully scraped against the sand. I wasn’t planning on getting slammed; I thought this was a smooth ride! Then I tried to stand up. I couldn’t see very well and another wave knocked me over. I finally scrambled up and jumped over another wave, holding my ground. Well that was pretty fierce, but let’s go again. Maybe I won’t get slammed this time. So I tried again. My dad was shouting for me to swim faster. So I did. And got a little bit too far in front of the wave. This time when it broke, I was right where it broke. I don’t even know what happened next. All I knew is I felt like I’d done a flip, my shoulder was killing me, and I was completely disoriented. My hair in my face, my eyes still closed, and I was on my back instead of my stomach. So I gasped for a breath and tried to sit up. Another wave. Down I go. Alright. Think quickly. Get your eyes open before the next wave comes. When I brushed my hair off my eyes and wiped out the water, I could see my dad running as fast as is possible through knee deep water with his hand out. He lifted me and held me firm just as the next wave came in.

Other times when I was younger my dad or big brother would walk with me, holding me firmly by the hand and take me deeper in the ocean. They’d show me the big wave coming and explain that we had to go through the wave to be able to rest beyond the waves. We’d have to close our eyes and lift our feet as the wave came over us, or else we’d get thrown backwards.

Later as I was thinking over this situation, it hit me that this was such a picture of what I had just gone through the past couple years. Wave after wave of hardship and doubt and discouragement had come after me, slamming me to the ground emotionally, mentally, and physically. When I had thought it couldn’t get worse, it did; when I got slammed into the sand and thought nothing could get worse, it did. I didn’t know what was going on, I didn’t know what to do, and all I could do was breathe and sit up when I got knocked down. Yet, I never drowned.

When a wave comes through in life, take a deep breath. Sometimes waves come in and you think they will be fierce, but they gently lay you on the sand. Other times they come crashing, break over you, cover you and swirl you around before smashing you into the ground. They leave you disoriented, you have no idea what really happened, and it takes days or even weeks and months to remember the whole process. The good news is that God is always ready to help. Even when we’ve gone under and don’t know what to do, He is ready to hold you firmly. He doesn’t have to run to get to you; He is right there. And when you look up, grab His hand. He can’t force you but if you can see over the waves just enough to reach up, He is there. But that doesn’t mean He’ll pick you up and carry you away from the waves. No, He stands right there, holding your hand firmly as the next wave comes in, keeping you from falling over again. Then He leads you deeper in and says, ‘Here comes another wave. Hold firmly to my hand. I won’t let you go. You may get covered in water, have seaweed hanging from your shoulder, and need another big breath, but we’ll make it through. You have to lift your feet and trust me.’

Remember this: God is stronger and bigger than any wave that tries to take you out!”

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