Always Enough, Never Too Much

Always Enough, Never Enough is a book of 100 devotionals, following the theme of Wild and Free, by the same authors, Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan.

My best friend and I read through Wild and Free last year and were so encouraged and inspired by it, so when I saw this devotional coming out, I had mixed feelings.  On one hand, I was super excited to have more content on this theme of feeling like I’m too much sometimes and feeling not enough at other times (or even at the same time!), but on the other hand, I was afraid it might just be excerpts from Wild and Free and not new content.  I was very glad to find out all the devotionals are new, and are specific to situations.  You can read it through or flip to the table of contents to find an entry that matches your current feelings/circumstances.  I like to binge-read these at night and often read 3-5 in one sitting, and it really “hits the spot”.  It’s one of my favorite ways to sort of exhale as the day ends, and be reminded that no matter what I did or did not get done that day, I am enough.

Side note: I love following these authors on my Instagram account! Their brave vulnerability inspires me as I also write, and my heart is refreshed by their realness.  I’ve linked their Instagram accounts above; just click on their names.

The cool part about this book (as if its level of practical applicability isn’t cool enough) is that if you order a print copy, it’s a flip book! That means on one side of the book is full of devotionals about when you feel like you’re never enough, and then when you flip it over, the other side is devotionals about when you feel like you’re too much.

This would make a fantastic gift for graduates! I know first-hand because I recently graduated and I want to get this for all my friends that are graduating also :).

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