Bonus Review: Mermaid Moon


Mermaid Moon by Colleen Coble is the third book that I’ve read by this author, but is the second book in the “Sunset Cove”.  I have not read the first book in this series.


Mallory Davis’s father died suddenly, and Mallory travels to where he lived to try and solve what happened to him.  His last words told her to find her mother, but her mother had been dead for several years.  There’s someone following her though, and she may have to rely on her childhood sweetheart, Kevin O’Conner for protection and inside information on the evidence from her dad’s death.


Kevin O’Conner had his heart broken by Mallory many years ago, but he risks it again for the sake of helping Mallory and protecting her from her stalker.  Will he be able to open up to her again?


This was a book that I couldn’t put down, that’s for sure! Unfortunately, I didn’t necessarily like it.  There were a lot of “stereotypical suspense novel” things that happened in the plot, which I can’t specifically complain about without giving away spoilers.  Even Mallory’s fourteen year old daughter was “stereotypical”, which was disappointing (and slightly insultingly overdramatic) to myself, being an older teenage girl, and having younger sisters, whom do not act as the character in the book does.  In other words, a little more creativity was in order for the characters and the plot.  Besides the characters and the plot though, I liked the book.  I enjoyed how ties to Denise Hunter, her books, and her characters were woven in, as I am a big fan of hers.  The romance was good, and woven in well, but mostly I just love the cover of the book! The sunset and silhouette are gorgeous, and the title is so mysterious yet romantic sounding.  I loaned the book to my sister and plan to loan it to my friend, so I would still recommend it overall.


Thank you so much to Thomas Nelson publishers and to the Thomas Nelson and Zondervan Fiction Guild for providing me with a copy of this book to read and review.  All opinions are my own and were not required to be positive, nor was I compensated in any way other than receiving the book itself.

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