Crazy Little Thing Called Love

“Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Beth Vogt is the first book in the new “Destination Wedding” series, which is published by Howard books. The concept of this series is this: most romance genre novels spend the whole novel planning and hoping for the groom, then the wedding is just at the end, maybe even left to the epilogue. This series spends the majority of the book planning the wedding–the destination, the flowers, the bridesmaids–everything but the groom, who comes at the end of the novel.

Usually at this point in a review, I’ll talk about the characters. Since that’s a bit harder because of the plot and set-up of the whole series, I’ll just go straight to my opinion.

I liked the first couple things this author put out, I really did. The last book by her was a little heavier, a little more thought provoking, and somewhat harder to read. This book has the light-and-airy, almost vague feel, as the cover suggests. From the start, that makes me “put less stock” in it, if you will. I didn’t take it as seriously, although the plot was, in actuality, fairly serious. There were twists and turns that felt way out of whack, as if they were just stuck in to drum up the conflict amongst secondary characters, but I didn’t feel that they were followed up on or well thought out. Also, because the plot focused on planning the wedding and not the actual relationship between the bride and the groom, the romance felt rushed and unrealistic, especially considering all the baggage that the couple had–and it was a lot. The characters weren’t likable to me. They didn’t even seem to like themselves! While that can seem attractive in some cases, (think tall, dark, and brooding Mr. Darcy) in this one it didn’t pan out well (think young, immature, and unsure of oneself). I wouldn’t read this one over, and may just wait out the rest of the series. I know this author has some great stories in her, as her first ones were fun, but this one just didn’t work for me.

Thank you to Howard publishers and Net Galley for providing me with an electronic copy of this book to read and review. All opinions are my own; I was not required to write a positive review.

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