Bonus Review: Dauntless

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Dauntless is the first of the Valiant Hearts series.  It was released by Bethany House Publishers in 2015.  It is authored by Dina L. Sleiman.


Timothy Grey is the youngest of nine children born to the Baron of Greyham.  So it is only natural that he would want to rise up and make his mark on the world.  As steward to the Earl of Wyndeshire in England, Timothy thinks that things are looking up.  When he is entrusted with capturing the mysterious Ghosts of Farthingale Forest that are suspected to have come to town, Timothy is honored.  But he finds himself in for more than he bargained for when he recognizes their leader.


Merry Ellison, born to the Baron of Ellsworth, finds herself outside the law when her father’s assassination attempt on the king backfires.  She forms a group from the rescued children of her abandoned village, and they earn the nickname of the Ghosts of Farthingale Forest.  Merry sacrifices much to preserve her precious band.  But Merry finds it increasingly arduous when their reputation brings new threats – and one of them seems familiar…


I began reading this book, I must admit, with a bit of skepticism.  I hypothesized it might have been very similar to a different book I had read recently.  However, as I read on, I became enraptured in its pages.  The excitement and colorful wording pleased me and drew me in.  I am charmed by this book’s well-written plot, touching moments, romantic twists, and an extraordinary miracle I did not see coming.  Some parts of it may have been a little typical, but the tidy ending made up for it.  The message is a powerful one of a lost soul coming to Christ, and through Him past hurts being healed.  I would recommend this book for adolescents ages thirteen and up, because there was one descriptive death and flashbacks of hangings.  But overall, my opinion of this book is a pleasantly surprised one.


Thank you to Bethany House Publishers for allowing me to read this book.

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