Bonus Review: An Uncertain Choice


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“An Uncertain Choice” by Jody Hedlund is published by Zondervan.  This stand-alone book has a prequel novella called “The Vow”, which is not necessary for the understanding of this book, although I think it would help.    Even though I just recently discovered Jody Hedlund’s writing, I have quickly fallen in love with it and loved this first attempt of hers at young adult fiction.

Because of a vow her late parents made when she was born, Lady Rosemarie is preparing to become a nun upon her eighteenth birthday.  About a month before that date, an old friend of her father’s comes into the kingdom with a loophole in the vow.  If Lady Rosemarie can find true love and marry before midnight on her eighteenth birthday, she will be exempt from the vow.  Conveniently enough, this duke friend came along with three single, young, handsome guys just waiting to make Lady Rosemarie fall in love with them.  The abbot that has brought up and advised Lady Rosemarie since her parents died doesn’t like the loophole though, and tries to convince Lady Rosemarie to just stay the course and go to the convent.  Lady Rosemarie decides to go ahead and have a little “contest” with the three knights for her hand in marriage.

Sir Collin has showered Rosemarie with many expensive gifts.  Sir Bennett has an appreciation for art and beauty, and takes Rosemarie to festivals.   Sir Derrick is aloof and does not seem to want to pursue Lady Rosemarie.  When multiple “accidents” happen, seemingly aimed at and meant to harm two of the knights, the third knight is suspected of the foul play.  In addition to that, the poor people of the town are catching a mysterious disease and are facing torture from the local sheriff.

I was not disappointed by this book, although the torture was gruesome.  I think I would have preferred to have it described in a lot less detail; I’d still get an idea of the brutality, and not have the vivid pictures in my mind!  Also, Lady Rosemaire, perhaps because of her age, was very immature.  Yes, she is “uncertain”, but really, I just wanted her to make up her mind and see the circumstances and people for what they were.  She seemed way too gullible, and the knights were just as if they had come out of a chick-flick.  Perfect and charming.  Overall, I would still recommend it, but with caution to sensitive readers for the torture scenes.

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