The Dandelion Field


“The Dandelion Field” by Kathryn Springer is published by Zondervan.  This is my first book from this author, but several authors that I enjoy recommend her, so I thought I’d try this out.  I’ll admit this was pretty low in my stack of books to read, so I procrastinated and skimmed through the beginning.  Then, somewhere in chapter two or three, the plot grabbed at my heart and the characters would not let go.  I was hooked and could not put the book down.  While its plot is pretty complicated to explain in a review, I’ll do my very best to sum up its characters.


Evie Bennett is the widow to Maxwell Bennett, a firefighter, and mother to Cody Maxwell Bennett, who is around eighteen or nineteen at the start of the book.

Cody Bennett is Evie’s son, boyfriend to Raine Lightly, Christian, and the father of Raine’s baby.

Raine Lightly is Ginevieve Lightly’s daughter.  Raine and her mom travel from town to town, never staying in one place for too long, because staying means getting to know people, and knowing people means that they are close enough to hurt you.  Raine is also around eighteen, and the mother of Cody’s baby. (I know, stating the obvious…)

Ginevieve Lightly does not trust men; she’s been hurt by them too many times, her mother’s been hurt by them, and Raine has been hurt because her father left them.

Dan Moretti is a local firefighter, best friend to Evie and Max from when they grew up as neighbors.  Since Maxwell’s death when Cody was six, Dan has stepped in as a father figure to Cody.  While he had romantic intentions towards Evie in the past, he does know what to think when Ginevieve Lightly comes into his life.


I loved this book! I cannot say enough good things about it.  Yes, the first two or three chapters were hard to get in to.  That is my only complaint.  The characters drew me in, and the plot was heart-breakingly captivating.  The chapters were short, so it was easy to pick up and read bits at a time (not that it mattered, considering the book drew you in to read it all at once!).  The themes of redemption, loving one another through conflicting social statuses, unexpected bumps in the road, and having empathy for each other’s pasts and pains made this book one of my top five favorites of all time.

Thank you so much to the BookLook bloggers program and Zondervan publishers for providing me with this opportunity and a copy of this book to read and review.  I absolutely loved it, and will be watching out for more from this author from now on.

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