Old Fashioned


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   “Old Fashioned” by Rene Gutteridge is the novel form of the movie by the same name, the movie being set to release Valentine’s Day 2015.  “Old Fashioned” is published by Tyndale House, as is its nonfiction companion, “The Old Fashioned Way.”
     Clay Walsh was a wild boy in college.  I say “was” because he reformed his ways before the start of the book to begin focusing on nurturing true love through a courtship type process, and he has changed to have “old-fashioned” ideas on dating.  He is settled down alone, running an antique shop with an apartment for rent above it, when the story begins.
     Amber Hewson hops from town to town whenever she gets tired of where she is.  She simply saves up her money for gas and rides until she runs out.  When we meet her, Amber runs out of gas and rents an apartment to stay in while she saves up again.  As you may have guessed by now, that apartment just so happens to be Clay’s.  As Amber is around Clay more and more, she can’t help but notice that he has a different outlook on life.  While this nonetheless is odd to her, she becomes attracted to him, and tries to understand how to get to know him on his own rules.
     I thought that this book was very different from “normal” romance, or even “normal” Christian romances of today.  I’m not saying that it was bad; it just had a different kind of twang to it, like lemonade in your sweet tea.  You know immediately that it’s different, but you continue through it because it intrigues you.  That pretty much sums up why I read this book: it intrigued me.  Not interested me, or left me on the edge of my seat, or kept me up at night.  It simply intrigued me, as would any book on a nice autumn day, when the year is winding down and I simply want to savor it before I begin again.  I would not read this book twice, but I would recommend it to those who enjoy books that leave you thinking about their message even weeks after you’ve finished it.  That’s pretty much how I would sum up my opinion of “Old Fashioned”: thought-provoking.  The characters weren’t captivating; the setting wasn’t impressive.  It was just a different way of life to consider with a story written up around it.
     Thank you to Tyndale publishers for providing me with a copy of this book to read and review.  I was not required to give a positive review, just an honest one, which I have done.

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