Made to Last






“Made to Last”


“Made to Last” is written by Melissa Tagg and published by Bethany House publishers.


I found this to be a very entertaining and fun read; it’s great for sitting out on the back porch in a hammock in autumn and reading, because it has a sweet storyline, but one that will keep you hanging just the same.


Miranda “Randi” Woodruff hosts her own home improvement TV show, From the Ground Up.  When she started the show, she was engaged to Robbie, who walked out on her.  Since she had already begun talking about him since season one, she must continue to.  Now she’s filming season four and the public is restless to know the identity of her “secret husband”, which she does not have because he left her.  The show is threatening to be canceled, so she hires a guy who fits the description of her ex-finance to stand in as her husband.  He’s a complete stranger, which makes things even more complicated when reporter Matthew Knox moves into her guest home to shadow her for a few months.




Matthew Knox wants a good story after writing an article in revenge against his father who left him, only for the information in the article to be found invalid.  He and his career are humiliated, as well as his partner.  Now, when he gets the chance to shadow TV’s popular Miranda Woodruff, he agrees, and finds himself inexplicitly draw to her.


Personally, I found this book fairly interesting with its setting and characters.  However, I was disgusted that the “hero” of the story was drawn to, as far as he knew, a married woman.  That made me uncomfortable and questioning of his character.  I think that the fake husband she hired would have been a much better match for her, as he took months out of his life to save the reputation of a woman whom he did not even know, and stayed faithful to his pretend wife, honoring her and being careful of what he said in interviews, when he did not have any personal attachment to her.  I found his loyalty refreshing, and Matthew’s attempts to woo Miranda behind his back repulsing in comparison.


Thank you to Bethany House publishers and Net Galley for letting me read and review this book.  All opinions are my own; I was not required to give a positive review.


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