Once Upon a Prince

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“Once Upon a Prince” by Rachel Hauck


Susanna Truitt is a normal Georgia girl, working for her parent’s barbeque restaurant and working as a landscape artist.  She’s been in a twelve year relationship, since high school, with a marine named Adam.  She is convinced that when he comes back on break he will propose…after all, that’s been the plan for twelve years.  However, God had different ideas.  Adam did indeed come back to Georgia, but instead of proposing on their walk along the beach, he told her he had found someone else.  Told her that she was more in love with their plan than with him.  He even told her he went ring shopping and found the perfect ring, but realized she was not the perfect girl for him.  Susanna is heartbroken, but to top it all off…she knows that he was right.  She had not been looking for God’s will in all this.


Because she lives on a small island, everyone knew about her relationship disaster by the time the weekend was over.  Susanna was humiliated, but apparently God was not done renovating her life.  Her aunt that she is renting her house from calls and tells Susanna that she needs her to move out.  On top of that, Susanna quits her landscaping job.  And, she runs into a man named Nate Kenneth.


Nate is on a holiday from being soon-to-be-king in Brighton, and spending some time in Georgia.  He stumbles across a ‘damsel in distress’ with a flat tire on the side of the road, and stops to help her.  Over the period of several more days, Nate gets to know this damsel, Susanna, better, and aches to spend more time with her, to the point of scrubbing toilets in her mother’s barbeque restaurant.  He hires Susanna to redesign his father’s garden.  Her company is refreshing to him, because his father has leukemia and when he dies, Nate will be expected to take the throne next.


When Susanna learns that Nate is a prince, and hears of the pressure for him to marry another, as well as the law against marrying foreigners, will her heart ever heal? Or does God have something bigger in store for them both?


I really enjoyed this modern-day fairytale.  While it might not have been realistic, the drama, angst, and whole plot really kept me wanting more.  This is the first book I have read by this author and am looking forward to reading many more.


Thank you so much to Zondervan publishers and Booksneeze for letting me read and review this book.

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