Grave Consequences


Grave Consequences: A Novel (Grand Tour Series)





“Grave Consequences” by Lisa T. Bergren


Oh, I don’t even know where to begin in reviewing this book.  One thing for sure, if you have not read the prequel to this book, “Glamorous Illusions”, then you must read it first.  This trilogy, the third book in which is entitled “Glittering Promises”, is rather complex in its plot, characters, and ever-changing setting.  Please see my review on “Glamorous Illusions” to help: Glamorous Illusions


Now, I will continue as if you have already read and are familiar with the plot and characters of the first book, because going back over all of it is a review within itself (see link above).


Cora Diehl Kensington and her siblings decide to continue on their Grand Tour of Europe, even with known kidnappers trailing them.  They move on from Pierre’s house and onto his sister’s, which if I remember correctly was in Italy. (There are so many places to remember that they went to!)  In her time away from Pierre and threats in Italy, Cora’s feelings for Will grow.


Will and his uncle continue leading the Grand Tour for the Kensingtons and Morgans.  With every twist and turn, Will finds himself growing closer to Cora, yet he knows that he must remain her guide and nothing more….because her father would ruin both of them.


When the kidnappers and a supposed friend turn on them, what will Cora do? Who will she lean on to stand, when Pierre comes back in the picture? What will her father think of her courters?


I believe I can truly say I’ve never read a more heart-and-gut-wrenching series.  When I was about 90 percent of the way through the book, I stopped reading it for about two weeks out of sheer terror of the ending! However, I can say the ending isn’t nearly as, shall we say, cruel, as the first book. Whew.  Still, be prepared for a ride! You may want to clear your schedule because this will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Thank you so much to Net Galley and David C. Cook publishers for letting me read and review this book.  The setting, plot, and characters are so realistic they remain with me long after I finish reading!

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