A Passion Most Pure

A Passion Most Pure is Julie Lessman’s first book.  She has written several more since this first one! I found this author from a contest that I saw on Mary Lu Tyndall’s (another one of my favorite authors) blog.  Julie Lessman writes a series on an Irish family, the O’Conners.  Oh, what a family it is! There is some intense sibling rivalry between the two oldest girls, Faith and Charity.  They are constantly fighiting over men. The O’Conner family consists of six kids (and counting, not that I peeked ahead into another book or anything ;)), I think, but I may have miscounted.  There are so many children yet Julie Lessman does a GREAT job of giving each one their own personality-and all the children certainly have that of their own! All the drama, all the siblings, all the handsome men…and it’s all Irish.  One contest has never gotten me so excited about an author I hadn’t discovered yet!


Anyway, A Passion Most Pure is the story of how Faith falls in love-each book in the series is about one of the children.  She met a man named Collin, and she knew from the minute she first saw him that she loved him.  The problem is, he’s pretty much the town tramp, and Faith is a strong Christian.  Faith has to channel her self-control in storehouses (not literally) for him- ’cause he’s a hottie. 🙂 To make things more complicated, Charity, who is about four years younger than Faith, is courting him behind her parent’s backs.  And Faith knows it.  She even catches them kissing many-a-time!  To add to that, this story is set around WW1, and Collin decides to leave for war after he gets engaged to Charity.  The O’Conner clan moves to Ireland, where Faith gets a new job and falls in love with her supervisor-who is almost twice her age! This causes more disagreements between the family, and when Faith catches her supervisor Mitch cheating on her-with Charity-she loses it and travels back to Boston.  Where she runs in with Collin a few weeks later as he is coming home from the war.


Let me just say, Julie Lessman’s theme with her writing is “Passion with a Purpose”, and she shows it well.  Not only is there plenty of romantic passion, there are spiritual lessons that lead the characters (and sometimes the reader!) to more passionate relationships with Jesus Christ our Savior.  This is a book that I throughly enjoyed, and I can’t believe it was the author’s first.  I am so glad that I discovered her writing after she has already written two or three series, because I am going to go through these books like water! Even better, Julie Lessman’s website offers several contests that promote and give away her books!

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