Against the Tide

“Against the Tide” is Elizabeth Camden’s newest book. It was released on October 1 of this year and published by Bethany House. This is Mrs. Camden’s third book, and while it is a stand-alone book, it would help if you read her first novel, “The Lady of Bolton Hill”, as one of the main characters from this book is featured in it.

Lydia Pallas has traveled all around Greece and Turkey because of her family’s background and moved to America when she was nine. She finally received her dream of attending school as a result, yet within a few months of arriving in America, her family died in a boating accident while she was at school.

Lydia was sent to an orphanage, but she never forgets the languages that she had learned from her childhood in Greece and Turkey, nor her skill with boating. When she grew old enough to be released from the orphanage, she found a job as a translator for the U.S. Navy.

The admiral that she works for has frequent visits with a mysterious man named Alexander Banebridge (whose complicated background was featured more in “The Lady of Bolton Hill”). He needs help translating several documents in many different languages, and Lydia Pallas is the perfect woman for the job. He hires her, and his relentless flirtation and outpouring of much-needed money to Lydia keep her hard at work translating for him. As soon as he is done with her skills, though, he sweeps away out of her life just as quickly as he had come in…..leaving Lydia heartbroken, and causing her to lose her job as the translator for the Navy. Lydia loses her apartment and her pride, and all the things that gave her security after her family died were snatched away.

Alexander Banebridge has finally found his match in Lydia Pallas. He enjoys endlessly flirting with her, and she throws jests right back. He is a manipulatively clever leader, and she knows several different languages. He needs a translator. She needs a job. They meet, they taunt, they tease, and sparks seemed to leap off the page at me. This truly may be Mrs. Camden’s best novel yet.

Thank you so much to Mrs. Camden for providing me with an advanced reviewer’s copy of this book. It was excellent, and I look forward to everything else you write.

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