By the Light of the Silvery Moon

Read this novel-so grand in its words, so rich in its research, and so polished in its design, you won’t be able to put it down.

“By the Light of the Silvery Moon” by Tricia Goyer and published by Barbour Publishing, Inc. was released March 1, 2012.

Amelia Gladstone is sailing to America to meet her possible future husband- Mr. Chapman. He was kind enough to purchase three tickets on the great ship Titanic for her and her family: one for her aunt, for her cousin, and for herself. They will get to ride in second-class. Oh, the luxury! Amelia is awestruck as she stands on the shore looking at the ship. But shuffling of feet and shoving of people draw her attention away as she notices a young man being dragged away by some of the ship’s stewards. They throw him down and leave, but Amelia, with her kind-hearted spirit goes over to see if he needs any help.

Amelia’s cousin, Henry Gladstone, was put in jail the night before they were to sail (I don’t remember why). Amelia has the extra ticket and, you guessed it, gives it to the man. He appears shocked, since we assume that he had just gotten in trouble for trying to stowaway on the ship.

Quentin Walpole has dealt with many hardships for such a rich fellow. When he was six, his mother drowned- and it was his fault. His older brother Damien has made it hard for him. Since then, he’s grown up, taken his inheritance from his father, and squandered it. (Loosely similar to the “Prodigal Son” parable) For the past five or six years, he’s lived in the slums and streets and alleys of London, poor and dirty. Amelia has no idea how much a second-class ticket means to him yet how used he has been to first-class living in his past.

Amelia wanders up to first class one day and sees someone that looks just like an older version of Quentin. She calls out his name by mistake, but before she can take it back, the man is coming towards her. She finds out that it was Quentin’s brother, and his father is also on the ship. She does not tell them that Quentin on the Titanic also, but she reports back to Quentin that his family is on the ship. He is shocked and scared, and begs her not to tell anyone.

Amelia finds out that he is running, running from something-she suspects his past. She doesn’t know his story, but is interested in finding out. Meanwhile, she is faced with both brothers’ affections and does not know which to entrust her heart.

And then comes that fateful day when the Titanic sinks. Will any of them survive?

Thank you so much Barbour Publishing for letting me read and review this book! I really enjoyed it.

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