The Fiddler

Welcome to Hickory Hollow, the settling famous in Beverly Lewis’s books. This one is no different.

Amelia is a violin performer who has been playing since she was three and taught by her dad. Now she is grown and living two lives: one, as the professional violinist her father wants her to be, and two, a country fiddler going by the name of Amy Lee. Her fiddling life is a secret to everyone: her mother, her father, her boyfriend Byron, her agent Stoney. All four would be horrified if they knew; Amelia has been raised as a violinist and has offers of European tours. She is dating another musician who also expects her to play classical violin music. But Amelia is tired of doing things because others expect them of her. She wants to play country music, so she sneaks away in her spare time to play opening acts for other country singers.

It is at one of these opening acts that Amelia’s agent confronts her after her performance. She has been found out, and her agent begs her to stop fiddling and go on a European tour trip she has been offered. Amelia does not really want to go, but she ends up going because her father is really sick and she wants to honor his wishes.

Back to the night her agent discovered her fiddling. Amelia travels home that night, but on her way a huge storm hits and she becomes lost. She steps out at a gas station and drops her phone in a puddle. Now her phone is broken, she’s lost far away from her home, and she’s in the middle of a rainstorm so even if she knew the way to go she could not see the signs to get there.

Amelia winds up at a cabin she finds in the woods and meets Michael, an Amish man who is trying to choose whether or not to stay Amish. They have several interesting discussions and Amelia ends up going back to Hickory Hollow with him.

Overall, I thought this novel moved way too quickly and was not very believable. It was a good story, just not very realistic.

Thank you so much to Baker and Bethany House House publishers for letting me read and review this book!

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